When you sit down to write your marketing copy—whether for a web site, article, or report—your ultimate goal is getting your readers to buy your products or services. But you can’t just type, “Hire me,” and expect people to come calling. You have to convince them that you’re better than everyone else and that you can help them solve their biggest problems. You have to persuade them. And you have to motivate them to take action.

Good copywriters know hundreds of ways to accomplish this, but I want to share a few basics that you can use to immediately improve the results you get with your marketing copy.

1. Get the Right Person’s Attention Right Away
The first thing your readers are going to read is, naturally, the first line of your copy—the headline or title. You want your headlines to do two things: 1. Qualify your prospects, and 2. Motivate them to read the next line of text. You can do this by identifying their pain and promising a solution.

For example, who would find this headline appealing: “Revealed: 21 Easy Ways to Feel More Confident Asking for a Raise”? Pretty much anyone who has a job and a boss would want to keep reading; but probably not a self-employed person. See how it works? Make sure your headline grabs your ideal readers’ attention and promises the benefit they’ll get if they keep reading.

2. Show Them a Story
Once you have their attention, you need to show your reader that you understand their problem and have a solution. And when I say “show,” I really mean paint them a picture of a person struggling with the exact same problem they are experiencing. If your reader is nervous about asking the boss for more money, then show the sweaty palms and the pit in their stomach, either by telling your own experiences, using an example from someone you’ve helped in the past, or making up a fictitious anecdote. Then tell them what you did to get rid of that problem for good by explaining your solution.

3. Give Them Proof
Whenever anyone reads marketing copy, doubt eventually creeps into their minds. They want to know you’re not just blowing smoke with a bunch of false claims. In sales copy, the best way to eliminate doubt is by using results-oriented testimonials from people you’ve helped in the past. Your readers will trust it more if it comes from another person. Where testimonials aren’t appropriate, like in marketing articles, you can use statistics or quotes or other factual tidbits to back up your claims.

4. Call Them to Action
Once you’ve convinced your readers that you have the solution for them, you have to ask them to buy (or contact you, or follow your advice, or whatever you want them to do) with a strong call to action. Be as precise as possible, such as, “Click here to choose your package,” or, “Follow these steps to start changing your life now.” Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want them to do. And make it easy for them to take the next step by reiterating the results they’ll get.

Get their attention, illustrate their problem and your solution in a story, back up your claims with proof, and tell them the next step they need to take. These are the four basics of motivating your readers to buy your products and services. Master these tips, and your readers will respond.

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Melinda Copp is a ghostwriter and writing coach who helps self-employed professionals, speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who struggle to write in a way that attracts new clients and grows their business. If you want grow your business by writing and publishing, visit www.WritersSherpa.com to get a free copy of "The Top 10 Mistakes Aspiring Business Authors Make--And How to Avoid Them!"