If you don't have any martial arts training, have you been thinking about how you could prevent an attack or fight off someone trying to attack you? If you've never taken self defense lessons, I will teach you the self defense training you should know in order to prevent an attack or come out of a fight triumphant.

How to fight back against someone bigger #1 - Constantly be aware of your surroundings. If you happen to be distracted in a dark, empty space, or if you're traipsing through a wooded area while listening to music, you are more likely to be attacked. You'll be more likely to be attacked if you don't have the use of all your senses.

How to fight back against someone bigger#2 - Most people already know this, but the majority of attackers are men. By using any method you can, you should attack the groin region of a man. Twist, stomp, kick, punch, hit or bite. If you exert any sort of force, it will cause a great deal of pain.

How to fight back against someone bigger #3 - An additional simple method of getting control over someone is to gouge their eye out as fast and as hard as possible. If you stab a finger into an assailant's eye socket, he won't be able to move as much since his vision will be affected. He will also be experiencing a great deal of pain.

How to fight back against someone bigger #4 - An additional area to focus on when you're fighting back is the throat region. If you hit someone in the throat area, they won't be able to breathe properly and their equilibrium will be affected. This particular technique is excellent because anyone can execute it and get results.

How to fight back against someone bigger #5 - It's very important to get some martial arts training or go to a self defense seminar. To further heighten your capability to fight back, I suggest engaging in cardiovascular exercise and weight lifting.

The biggest component of self defense is to neutralize the tendency to feel fear and fight with pure rage. Don't be afraid if your opponent is bigger then you. Just blast through them.

Practice active sparring and self defense drilling, as well as train with weights and live a healthy life style!

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