Making the Career RIGHT

If you are in a job which you neither hate nor love, there are still chances to make things RIGHT. First thing first, find passion in your job. What are your job requirements that you could make the most out of you? Negotiate with your boss to relook at your tasks and if possible, bank on your strengths to make things work.

If negotiating with your boss is a big NO, try making the environment around your job friendly. Start with somewhere around you - your own office or cubic at work. Place a family photo or photo of your pets. Put plants - more greens will help de-stress. Place colorful items everywhere to help energize your spirit. Choose your fragrance - have a therapist help you find your fragrance. Example, lavender could help sooth tension situations so have some lavender oil with you.

Change your chair - you sit 8 hours at work then you must have a chair you can sit and sleep on, maybe! Have a nice table - cute stationery? Why not?

Charting your Career Path

You may identify that it is NOT the working environment that affects your mood at work, could it be because you have no directions at work? Try defining your career path. If you are now a business development executive, what is the next position you can aim for? What could you do to reach that position? How soon could you prepare yourself for it? How soon will you be able to reach the desired position?

If your job position is a position where you can go no higher and you still hate your job, is time to find the right career.

Choosing the RIGHT Career

Now, this is the defining moment. Why do you want a job? Stupid question! For a salary of course - else who will feed me!

Well, there must be a reason apart from the dollar sign. In a career - it doesn't matter in what position you are in, you must have something in mind, a purpose or the WHY you want a career. Yes for a salary.... for what? Salary to raise a family? Taking this example, your purpose of a career is for your family. Now define what type of family you want. Start from here to find out the defining moment.

It could be you want to provide comfort for family - how comfortable? Having one new sofa at home could be more comfortable but is that what you want? Or was it having a bigger bungalow?

Once you know the WHY you want a job especially where emotions come in – for example you may say

"I hate my Dad for always having not enough. I have enough of the days where we do not even have a comfortable sofa at home. I want my family to have a big bungalow of at least 8,000 square feet build up. I love my children so much that I want my children to study in internationally acclaimed schools."

Once you have defined that, try finding your passion. The right career should be able to make you work happily (something to do with your passion) and still achieve what you want. When in an interview, always find out what's next – for example, what is the next step after this job position that I am applying for? Maybe you could join the company as a salesman but your higher path is sales manager to sales director, and eventually regional sales director, group sales director.

So you have a WHY to a job and you got a job you are passionate in. Next, work towards the paths that you have defined. What extra areas or fields you need to learn to achieve the desired path? Who you should know or network with so you could achieve the desired career path? What qualifications should I need to achieve it faster?

I believe that you could have the right career! Go ahead to SkyRocket your Career!

I will SkyRocket MY Success!

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