How to be Outrageous And Win The Prize Called Mo…

Do you delete 90% of your emails unread? Me too, because Clutter wastes
my time and makes feel like a Mooch (patsy, jerk). What makes us stop to read the other unsolicited 10%? Curiosity, and the belief it may just give us Pleasure and help avoid Pain.

A Bit of History

We have been involved in teaching Speed Reading to students and executives
since 1959. When the Internet went commercial October 25 1994, we were the one-and-only listing under Speed Reading. My business partner Evelyn Wood invented speed reading (Google: Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia) so we had no copycats.

Today, when you Google the term Speed Reading, there are 66,900,000 listings.

Credibility for Inquiring Minds

Evelyn and her team-taught Speed Reading to the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents – Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter. She passed on in 1995. G.W. Bush said he did not like reading more than the headlines, and he did not trust them too much.

History: we got a letter of appreciation from Lyndon Johnson, but never advertised it because of the student draft riots of, Hell No, We Won’t Go! Years later we got a complementary letter from Dick Nixon, but Watergate got in the way. We were afraid his enemies would burn our offices to the ground.

Did You Know

Remember this and win a prize. Part 1: The first Internet Banner Ad was by AT&T on October 25, 1994. Part 2: the World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee, British physicist, and perfected by him at MIT in the U.S.

Commodity vs. Outrageous Specialty

A commodity is something common like sugar, fruit, veggies or copper et al. What makes it a commodity is it is not differentiated, you can get anywhere. An Outrageous Specialty is Microsoft Window 7, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009), and Warren Buffet.

The Oracle of Omaha proves he believes in the future U.S. economy by buying (2010) Burlington, Northern Santa Fe railroad for $34 billion. His company
owned 22% of this railroad and in this recession, wants the other 78%.

Why is Buffet not worried about the falling price of the U.S. dollar, inflation, or
the increasing national debt? He believes in Outrageous Specialties.

How so?

He says: The railroad business is in tune with the future. A single freight train gets
470 miles to the gallon - to deliver one-ton of goods. Each train replaces 280 gas-guzzling trucks from the highway. Less global warming and pollution in your lungs.

Inquiring Minds Like Facts

If you are grateful to be alive, healthy, and productive, you can do something about improving the odds it continues.

We are talking neuroscience and hard research on your brain, genes, and mind.
Every time you use your PreFrontal Cortex to analyze, reason, read and remember,
you are improving specific neural networks in your brain.

Cognitive Reserve

Remember the term Cognitive Reserve, and the name Dr. Yaacov Stern, Columbia
University Medical Center. Google it and discover it stands for using your mind to
overcome Alzheimer and other forms of dementia.

The greater your lifelong learning, the lower the risk (reduced up to 60%) of losing your greatest asset – your personal operating system. Playing bridge, learning a new
language, practicing a musical instrument even though you are not concert quality,
reading and remembering, create a knowledge and memory bank in your brain.

Key Point: those with Alz who have Cognitive Reserve carry on like they are still 21.
No matter their Amyloid Plaques and Neurofibrillary tangles, they function as if they had none. Add to that, your longevity improves.

One More Bit of Research For Your Health and Longevity

Please Google: the Nuns Research study, Dr. David Snowdon, University of Kentucky. It will open your eyes to lifelong learning and improved personal longevity. Your life-span is more under your control than intelligence folks believe.

Off The Subject

If you can Google up the number of firearms (handguns, rifles and shotguns) owned
by U.S. citizens, you win a valuable prize. But – you cannot. How come? Oh yeah,
it is a 1986 Federal Law and it probits the government from maintaining a Database
of firearm licenses.

Who do you think pushed its passage? Three Letters?

A professor at Florida State University got angry at this lack of statistics, Gary Kleck worked at it state by state. He estimates the following: there 288 million
firearms (forget gun collectors). Get this: 104 M handguns, 100 M rifles, and
84 M shotguns. It increases by 4 million annually in 2006 and continuing.

Wait. That is a lot of weapons, right? There are 306 million folks in the U.S.
It seems amazing that there are so few maniacs shooting annually.

Three Mnemonics

Each time you exercise your memory there is an empowerment of neural networks
in your brain. It improves not just a single brain area, but your entire Hippocampus (memory center), Prefrontal Cortex and Neocortex.

Please forget you do not care about the planets in order from the sun, it is just a brain exercise for health and longevity. Please experience it, not argue about why is an important secret exercise.

1. 1. Mercury 2. Venus 3. Earth 4. Mars 5. Jupiter 6. Saturn 7. Uranus
8. Neptune 9. Pluto (Mickey’s dog is a Dwarf and has been evicted,
remember him anyway).

Here goes my Acronym (using the initial letters for a mnemonic).

“My Victims Eat Mostly Jerky Sandwiches Unless Nature Pays.”

2. Name the five Nucleotides of our DNA/RNA Double Helix

1. Adenine 2. Guanine 3. Cytosine 4. Uracil 5. Thymine

a) “Add-Nine b) Gain-nine c) Sight-O-Scene d) You-R-A-Sill e) Thigh-Mine

3. a) What is a Fish without eyes? Ans. Fsh.
b) Why do Extraterrestrials (Aliens) never eat Clowns? Ans. They taste
c) What is the difference between Chopped Beef and Pea Soup?
Ans. Anyone can Chop Beef, but you are unique if you can
pea soup.

See ya,
copyright © 2009 H. Bernard Wechsler

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Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's.
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating
2 million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents: