Have you ever felt passionate about starting or expanding your own enterprise, but did not know where to start? Does your head and heart compete with each other to make a decision? Are you stuck and can't move forward? I sure have faced these challenges. Over a period, I have learned ways to monitor my emotions and thoughts and developed a technique that works for me. I have used this technique for making a decision to hire a service provider, do my daily business tasks, implement a new idea etc. You can also try this simple but powerful technique, when you are paralyzed by too many thoughts.

First, acknowledge yourself for coming up with the thought of being an Entrepreneur. When you do so you will feel good. However your mind will take the lead and force you to ask several questions. These questions may stop you from pursuing your dream.

When that happens, just write down your questions/thoughts in a Note book. Don't try to analyze and look for answers immediately. Next you imagine operating your business and visualize yourself achieving all your goals. If visualization of future is difficult for you, go back to the past when your accomplished a major task and think about it. Now visualize all the acknowledgements you received. I am sure you will feel great. Now when you feel good, pick up the note book and review all your questions/thoughts.

Next mark the three questions that are important to YOU and will help you take the first step in starting/expanding your enterprise. It could be contacting your lawyer or CPA for consultation, doing market search, writing a business plan etc. Write down the order of priority. Make a commitment to address these three questions within a specified time. You may not have the answers within the specified time. However you must make a decision to address these questions in one of the two ways within the specified time

By researching and finding the answers yourself.

By Delegating to an expert to have your question answered.

This act of making decision will free you from the clutter in your mind, help you move to the next question in a calm manner. Once you make a decision, you will have the courage to take action. It is said that human beings make a decision on the basis of their emotions but back it up with logic. As emotions play an important role in making a decision, you must never make a decision when you are under pressure and emotionally weak. By following the above mentioned simple technique, you are consciously working on your emotions to help you make decision with a clear mind. Hence you will make responsible decision and be willing to take complete responsibility for your actions.

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