Have you already given up on some of your biggest dreams? Have you set some goals that you don’t seem to get any closer to achieving?

What if I told you that YOU are the only one who stands between you and your goals?

Give it a thought for a moment - right after you set a goal for yourself – do you have constant thoughts about why you’re not going to achieve it?

You know what I’m talking about…

It’s that endless negative chatter that takes place inside your head and convinces your subconscious that “you’re not good enough” or that “you don’t deserve it” or that “you don’t have the time” or that “dreams don’t come true” and so on.

You see, there’s a good chance that your own inner voice is what has been keeping you away from success.

You’re obviously not alone. Otherwise almost everyone would have been successful at anything they desire to do or to have.

You, like most people, are letting inner fears, self doubt and self defeating thoughts keep you away from becoming the person you want to be, and the life you desire.

Most of the time you may not even be aware of this negative blabber that’s going on in the back your mind.

The worst thing is that all you know is that up until now you have failed, or haven’t made the progress that you were hoping for…

...which brings down your self belief even further…

…which keeps you away from your goals and so on.

Many people give up trying at some point, but not you…

Since you're reading this, it's clear that you're no quitter. In fact, I’m sure you that you are capable of everything that you wish for yourself…

If you only believe in yourself as much as I believe in you, you’d do great!

If these words got you excited and motivated even a bit, you just got a good example of how positive self talk works…

This time it was me who was talking to you, but most of the time it’s you who does the talking. The problem is that what you say to yourself has much more power than words you read in an article. Unless…

…Unless you take these words seriously and do what I’m about to tell you…

If you are committed to doing what it takes to achieve your goals, you have to make sure your inner dialogue is as positive as possible.

Here’s a simple, yet powerful way to do it…

Imagine yourself as a very positive and confident person. Take the time to have a clear picture in your mind:

- What would you say?
- How would you sound?
- Would you look different?

Hold this picture in your mind and for a couple of minutes, BE that person.

From now on, every time self doubt and negative thoughts arise in your mind- counter them with bold, positive statements coming from that positive and confident you, the one you had imagined.

Once you start working on it, you will start noticing the negative chatter that has been sabotaging your chances of achieving your goals all along.

Another powerful tool you can use is AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirmations are simply positive, empowering statements that you prepare in advance to use as a tool for positive self-talk.

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

“I am worthy of great success"

“I am a money magnet"

“I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle”

Strong affirmation repeated regularly will influence your subconscious. Over time, if you use them correctly, affirmations can change your inner beliefs and even your personality.

You can say your affirmations in your mind or out loud or even write them down over and over, every day. You can stick affirmation cards in key places where you’ll see them several times a day, or carry them around in your wallet.

You can create your own or find some well written motivating affirmation across the web.

Don’t underestimate the power of these techniques. If you use positive thinking and affirmation consistently, your chances of achieving your goals will greatly improve.

Give it a try. You have nothing to loose and all that you desire to gain.

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