The principle of the Law of Attraction states that what you focus on, you will attract. Therefore if you are focusing on something negative, you will attract more negativity into your life. If you are focusing on positive, then you will bring more positive into your life.

When you have tried to focus on something positive, do you feel that it worked for you? Did you end up achieving your goals?

Everything you do is either about expansion, and allowing, or about constriction, and restricting. Consider your desire to grow your business. Is it expansive or constrictive? What about the thoughts you have when considering the steps necessary to grow your business? Take this one step further. Think about your beliefs about being successful and having money. Are your goals, the steps you need to take and your beliefs all expansive? Or do you have aspects that are constrictive? If so, what are they? Once you identify where the restrictions are, then you can begin to work on transforming them for everything to be congruent and lining up.

Having fears, apprehension and negative thoughts is normal when beginning something new. We all have them at some point. The inner critic keeps you in a constricted place with limitations and fears. You might not be able to change the steps necessary to grow your business, but you are able to change how you perceive taking those steps. Choose to transform self limiting beliefs. The choice is yours. Making this change is significant. You will be one step closer to having congruency, having it all line up.

Mary was a therapist. She wanted to stop accepting third party payments, health insurance, for her private counseling practice. She envisioned having a full practice with self-pay clients. She knew other private practitioners were making this choice. Her doubts about having enough business if she stopped taking insurance prevented her from doing anything. She felt stuck.

She listed all the pros and cons of only having self pay clients in her practice. Once she became aware of the doubts, she was able to begin identifying the reasons she thought this change would not work. She recognized the way these thoughts affected her. Not only did those doubts affect the way she worked in her practice, they affected her outlook about her abilities and how she felt about herself.

As Mary became aware of her limiting beliefs, she also realized the full impact of these thoughts. Having a desire to change her practice, but not doing anything, contributed to her stress. The stress of continuing to work with insurance companies to receive payment for her services was tiring. Mary realized the power of a thought; the mind, body and spirit connection.

She made a choice to understand her limiting beliefs. Her goal was to reframe any negative thoughts into positive beliefs. She was ready to reach her goal of having a full practice with self pay clients.

Everything you do is about expansion or constriction. They way you live your life, run your business and the relationships you choose. Examine all aspects of your life. Are you experiencing life from a perspective of expansion or constriction? Become aware of those aspects of your life which are limiting and the parts that are supportive. As you grow your business and take the necessary steps toward reaching your peak potential, you will experience personal growth as well. Expansion. Constriction. The choice is yours.

Activity: Identify one area of your business you have considered changing, but have not done anything about it yet. List all the reasons you would like to make that change. What would be the benefit of changing? Now list all the reasons you have not taken action yet. List all of the excuses and hesitations. What is the benefit of staying small? Which list is longer? How do you feel when you think of your business with the new changes? How do you feel when you think about your business remaining the same? When you are ready to make that change, the list with your reasons to change will become longer and the reasons not to change will get smaller.

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