Is it possible to heal our emotional stress and physical disease? We are complex people but we, like the rest of creation, work and function according to universal laws. If we did not, life would be chaotic.

So when we understand how we function, in what order of flow our life works, then we can begin to take control of our part in creating our life the way we choose it to be. We cannot control every part of our life but nor do we have to be victims either; we are healers, lovers, creators and experiencers of our creations.

Here is a simple scenario of the sequence of how life works and of how, when we adhere to the process of creating the flow, life can be as we want it. This process is relating to healing, but the principles apply to the whole of human life.

Jon wants to stop smoking because he notices some body symptoms the doctor has told him are the result of his smoking addiction. If he does not quit smoking he will probably develop lung cancer, and he already has a menacing cough. What does Jon do? How can he stop this compulsive drive to smoke?

There are three clear issues here: The kind of person Jon is, his persona in life, an identity issue; his compulsion to smoke, an emotional issue; and his developing physical symptoms of disease. What deprivation or need is he trying to fill or cover over by smoking?

How is Jon showing up in life, identifying himself, that he has this need? I am someone who can’t cope with the stresses of my life.
Why does he feel the compulsion to smoke? Smoking makes me feel relaxed, nurtured and safe.
What if you don’t smoke, how would you feel? I would feel stressed, agitated, short tempered and angry. I couldn’t cope with the stresses in my life.
Note that the fundamental cause of the addiction lies with who this person is being: being powerless to cope.

By working on his identity, the cause of his addiction to smoking, Jon has a great chance of realigning the rest of his behaviour that poses such a health threat. He needs to accept responsibility for creating himself as weak and powerless.

Fighting against the idea of being powerless will just energize his weakness, and make it stronger. But by accepting himself just as he is, he allows the negative energy to flow without resistance; and once the energy has discharged, it will never bother him again in the same way.

Jon then decides to create a new identity: he wants to be calm, gentle, imperturbable, and fun to be with. He has removed his need to smoke because he has changed who he is, his identity. Jon has healed himself by choosing to be a person of power rather than powerless, calm instead of stressed, fun instead of angry, and healthy instead of diseased.

So we can see from this simple exercise that by controlling who we are, we automatically control/change how we feel and negate the reason for our physical disease to exist. Disease of the body is a result and sign of our presiding identity and emotions. Taking creative responsibility for our identity is true power, and we all have this ability. We are creators in the real sense: we create who we are and how we live our life.

Can we heal ourselves of all our physical illnesses? Evidence shows we still have some way to go in understanding the healing process. But we are well on that path and one day soon it will be our reality if that is what we choose.

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