Dog toys are relevant to dogs no matter what breed they are. Ordinarily, people perceive toys as a plaything for passing time or for leisure. However, for dogs, toys are very relevant due to several reasons. Dog toys serve as a past time for dogs to avoid boredom. If dogs are bored, they are bound to do naughty stuff or to be restless. If they have dog toys to play with, they are able to do worthwhile activities with the toy. There are different types of dog toys with different purposes. One type of dog toy is the active toys which are especially made of very hard rubber to sustain when dogs chew it.

They come in different shapes and sizes, too. Rubber dog bones and tennis balls are among the favorites of many dogs. Make sure that the ball is not too small for the dog to swallow. It is very normal for dogs to chew any thing that are within their reach. That is why dog owners provide dog toys for chewing so that dogs will rather chew the toy instead of chewing things around him. Then, there is a dog toy for distraction. This refers to toys that are to lure your dog away from some destructive activities. Dogs really enjoy it especially that distraction toys are filled with bits of treats.

As they chew the toy, they also get to eat the treats. This is one positive reinforcement method. Another example of distraction dog toy is the “busy box”. Treats are hidden among the cubes and dogs can explore the cubes for the treats. This is quite similar to the treasure hunt game for kids and dogs also enjoy this kind of game. You may buy toys for gaming such as noise making toys and toys with an open cavity within them for interactive games. Frisbees are among many dogs’ favorites. Both the dog and its owner can enjoy playing this outdoor game.

Many dog toys have been modified these days to make playtime more exciting. You can already find glow in the dark Frisbees and tennis balls in pet shops or supermarkets these days. Comfort dog toys are soft stuffed toys that can give comfort to your dogs. They can hug or sleep with these toys although comfort toys are not for all types of dogs. These dog toys come in the shape of small animals like mouse, rabbit or duck. These toys are light and therefore it is easy to carry around so your dogs can shake it with their mouth.

Without these toys, your dogs might look for other things in your household that they can chew and this act could be destructive or health threatening to them. Remember that dog toys are not solely to entertain or to exercise your dogs but also to train them. One good thing is that toys can improve a dog’s natural hunting skills and their social skills as well. If you frequently spend time playing with your dog, you get to bond with him better. By using these toys, you are also making your dog more alert to your commands and more agile.

You have to know the appropriate toys for your dog according to their breed. Surely, your dog will benefit from these toys that you will give them.

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