It needs to be stressed that in hypnotherapy the client and the hypnotherapist work as a team and only by their combined efforts will they be successful. Some people even say that actually all hypnosis is self-hypnosis because without the intention of the subject, the hypnotist is powerless.

With hypnotherapy you will take an active part in your healing process and this will greatly empower you. Your role will be to go along with my instructions (which will never infringe any of your principles or pry into any of your secrets of course). You will need to use your imagination and you will need to really want to make the change you are asking for. Motivation is paramount in this process. I shall provide you with the right tools to make the achievement of your goal easy, showing you the way and guiding you through the entire process. I shall also use and teach you specific, powerful techniques that you will be able to use on your own, when you need them, and I shall give you some simple exercises to do at home so that - when you come to see me again – you can get the most out of the time we spend together. At the same time you will acquire and build up self-confidence and you will be proud of yourself for having improved your self-image and your self-esteem.

In fact “Working Together” could be the hallmark of this ancient therapy: you work together with the therapist, your body works together with your mind, and you relate to your environment in a mutual exchange, every time unique.

• Hypnotherapy is truly natural because it does not use anything artificial or chemical and therefore there are no unwanted, harmful side effects.
• Hypnotherapy empowers you and gives you the good feeling that you are really making a difference to yourself.
• Hypnotherapy is holistic because it takes into consideration your whole being with all its uniqueness.

Being such a powerful and versatile tool, hypnotherapy has now developed into many specialised branches, which means that everyone can find help for any physical, psychological or spiritual problem they may have. Because it works on the principle of wholeness and not of separateness, hypnotherapy acts on different levels at the same time and therefore it is not uncommon to witness a domino effect whereby a client comes to see me for a specific problem, in a specific area, and ends up with unexpected solutions or improvements in other areas as well, which were initially thought to be totally unconnected.

Length of Treatment
Unlike more traditional forms of therapy which work on what naturally surfaces at a conscious level, hypnotherapy has the great advantage of going straight to the root of the problem, bypassing the censorship of the analytic, conscious mind. This means that while other therapies proceed on the principle of hit or miss, trial & error, hypnotherapy heads directly to the heart of the problem. This reduces the treatment time enormously, and in consequence also its cost, making it affordable to everyone.

Smoking and other unwanted habits do not normally have any deep roots attached and therefore can be easily removed in one single session with the combined use of hypnotherapy and powerful NLP techniques.

Although phobias can very often be solved in one session as easily as unwanted habits, sometimes they might have more complex emotional roots. If this is the case a few meetings might be needed to solve the problem, depending on the specific circumstances that created it. Weight problems (both if the weight is too much or too little) can also have some emotional knots that need to be resolved before rebalancing the weight in a definitive way.

Even in these cases however, in three to five appointments the problem should be solved or drastically reduced, a timescale which is still far shorter than the years of weekly (or biweekly) sessions needed in more conventional therapies.
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I have a solid academic background with more than 20 scholarly publications to my credit and many articles on Hypnotherapy and Spiritual matters. I have nearly 40 years’ experience in helping teenagers and adults to improve their lives and solve their problems (gained teaching in Colleges and in Adult Education in several different countries), which I combine with the expertise I have obtained from my lifelong studies of Reincarnation and Spirituality.
I began practicing hypnotherapy in Italy in 1994, and since I moved to the UK I have gained several formal British and American qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Counselling.
I am now the director of my own successful private practice in North Harrow (London): At The Apple Tree Hypnotherapy. We specialise in Advanced Regression Techniques, Stop-Smoking and Weight-Management Therapy as well as Grief and Bereavement Counselling. Our practice offers a dedicated, comprehensive choice of services for your physical, emotional and mental well-being, under the guidance of an experienced and highly qualified female hypnotherapist. We use a combined approach of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, Conventional and Holistic NLP, and Conventional and Holistic Counselling and Life Coaching that makes our method particularly effective and flexible for the most varied needs of our clients. For Regression see our specialised site: Footprints from the Past (see our website for a complete list of the therapies and techniques available). We actively update our expertise on an ongoing basis and we are fully insured and bound by a strict code of conduct. Confidentiality is assured at all times.

As a practice we endeavour to provide support and guidance (via email and telephone) after a client has left our premises for as long as it benefits them. Our objective is always to provide a high quality bespoke service to those who put their trust in us, which is why we work only with a limited number of clients at any one time.

All our scripts are personalised, and our clients can be assured that they are created specifically for them and perfectly tailored to their problem and the causes that created it. We are all unique individuals with unique needs and unique solutions, and we know that having the same problem doesn’t mean that we can solve it in the same way. At The Apple Tree we shall help our clients' Subconscious to unleash their full potential.


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