The Secret isn't a new idea; and it isn't really a secret. Everyone knows this: "As a man thinketh, so it is done to him." In every religion, culture, and philosophy, this is a fundamental truth; and, even science has come full-circle in its understanding of what they call, "the Observer Effect" ("Seek and you will find."). Not only do our thoughts create our experiences, our health, and our bodies; our thoughts and beliefs filter our perceptions and color the way we perceive and think about our experiences, health, body, and life in general. But consciously controlling your thoughts, and remaining conscious, are two different things; and you have to do them both -- along with some other things -- in order to really make "The Secret" work for you.

Thinking can be tricky business sometimes. You might think you are thinking about getting money to pay debts, but all you seem to experience is more and more debt. Is your focus really on "more money," or is it on getting rid of "DEBT?" How much time do you spend thinking about what you want, as opposed to what you DON'T WANT? What you are thinking about matters; but so does HOW you are thinking, and WHY you are thinking it. Your feelings are much more important than you might have been told. Thinking about money while feeling stressed, for instance, will bring you a money-experience that makes you feel "stressed." There are basically three-things you need to know about how those who teach the Secret (Law of Attraction) make it work for them:

1.) They all have a way of "systematizing," or organizing their thoughts and activities; and,

2.) They all have "teachers," or "coaches," who help them overcome their own obstacles and limiting thoughts; and,

3.) They all have and use "techniques" for Stress-Management, or Energy Psychology techniques, they use to overcome stress, fear, and other negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and mental, emotional, and physical obstacles to success.

For Step One, I use a process I call the "RESET Process." I approach all goals and desires from essentially the same perspective -- whether I want to manifest something really BIG, or simply create a state of inner Peace and calm. RESET is an acronym for the process of moving from one emotional level to the next, or to acquire or achieve anything you truly desire. "RESET" stands for: Recognize, Eliminate, Synchronize, Establish, Take Action (RESET).

R. -- Recognize your current situation and the contrast between that and what it is you want.

E. -- Eliminate negative self-talk and limiting beliefs (the reasons you are still where you are...) with an Energy Psychology tool (such as the Z-Point Process, EFT, or TAT), with prayer, meditation, or some other method you are familiar or comfortable with.

S. -- Synchronize your desires, beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. You can also use Energy Psychology techniques for this...

E. -- Establish new thought-patterns, new ideas and directions, and new information about where you wish to be. A good example of this might be hypnosis for smoking cessation, or even going to school to learn a new trade.

T. -- Take obvious action steps as they present themselves; take steps toward your goal or desire.

For Step Two, I have a number of teachers -- including the authors of books I read and my teenage son. I am also fortunate enough to be married to a truly great "healer," coach, and teacher. If you don't resonate with a teacher -- perhaps one of the teachers from the Secret "rubbed you the wrong way" -- get another teacher; don't assume the information isn't valid or "real."

For Step Three, I have used the Z-Point Process, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K), HeartMath, and a number of other Energy Psychology techniques to eliminate stress, improve my health, stimulate creativity and productivity, and manage my thoughts and emotions. If you truly want The Secret to work for you, you need to learn more about your thoughts and emotions and how to use them to your benefit rather than continuing to let them "unconsciously" sabotage you.

So, if you want the Law of Attraction, The Secret, or whatever you choose to call "it," to work reliably and effectively for you, spend a little time getting your thoughts organized, and quieting your mind so you can hear you HEART's desires -- they may be somewhat different from what your "head" is telling you to "chase." Then, find a guide; and learn some self-help, or emotional self-management, tools. Each step has something to think about, but here are the three-basic ingredients for picking yourself up, getting turned around, and on the road to consistently "successful" manifestation:

1.) Define your desires and organize your thoughts around them;

2.) Find a Coach or Teacher from whom you can get an "outside" opinion of your situation; and,

3.) Find, Gather, and Learn to use, some of the tools that will be helpful to you on this journey (Z-Point, EFT, TAT, etc...)

The people who are consistently choosing the things they create for themselves are not "wrong" about how they're doing it; they are indeed telling you how it works when they teach that your thoughts create your reality. But, there is much to learn about your mind and your thoughts if you want to make "The Secret" work for you as well as it does for others -- who do know a lot about the way their mind and thoughts work. Don't waste your time judging people because they create more, or better, or different than you; learn what they know, and create anything you want. Then, you'll be happy; and the world will be a better place.

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Pete Koerner is the author of The Belief Formula: The Secret to Unlocking the Power of Prayer.

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