Many people are losing their jobs and looking to start a business. I receive tons of email from entrepreneurs on how can they start a business in this economy. If you look back even in the worst economic times we have had a lot of businesses thriving. People saw the opportunities and cashed in on them. If you get caught up in the doom and gloom of the economy you will surely find that your business will never take off.

What I suggest is you look to see how your business and services that you provide is different from everyone else. You also want to connect with people that resonate with you. I call this attracting your ideal client so that you both feel good. Most entrepreneurs think they have to sell in order to drive sales up and that's just not true. In fact you will turn more people away with this kind of thinking. Share your service with what I call a heart selling offer. This practice has allowed my business to literally quadruple in just a few short months and convert 40-50% of the people I talk to into clients.

Here are my all time 7 secrets in creating a business no matter what the economy is doing:

1. Sell your passion: Always do what you love and the money will follow. If you find yourself chasing money you will surely find yourself disappointed in the long run.

2. Is there a market for you business: Make sure you do your homework to find out if people would want your service or product. If there is a need ask yourself how you can make it better.

3. Create a system: Many people are working in their business instead of on. Focus on creating a system so your business runs on autopilot. Hire people or do trades for things that are not your strengths.

4. Surface up the beliefs that are blocking your success: Ask yourself what is your biggest obstacle for your success. Being aware of these blocks is the first step to releasing them.

5. Hire a mentor and get help for direction: This was my #1 secret in helping my business take a quantum leap.

I remember being so stuck and even after investing thousands of dollars on seminars and books I still was struggling. When I hired a mentor it changed my life and no longer was I worrying about money, in fact taking that leap allowed me to increase my business beyond what I ever thought was possible in very little time!

6. Surround yourself around people that have an entrepreneurial spirit: If you keep hanging around negative people that think the only way to make a living is by getting a job understand that you are holding back your true potential. Network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and start a mastermind group.

7. Do something every day that will bring you one step closer to your success: stop dreaming and start taking action even if it's just one thing. I know a lot of entrepreneurs will have great ideas but never do anything about it because they give themselves excuses.

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Heather Picken is "The Spirit Trainer" who helps spiritually minded entrepreneurs energetically align themselves mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to magnetize money and clients easily and effortlessly. She is also an inspirational speaker, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life/ Prosperity Business Coach. She has over 13 years in integrating mind-body connection, Law of Attraction, intuition, and spiritual principles.

Heather is also founder of The Quantum Entrepreneur program and a Best-Selling author of the book Body of Love: 57 Secrets In Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction. She appeared on as a guest on many radio shows including one of the most popular in spiritual and personal growth, Hay House radio.

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