It is every persons dream, who lives in a "civilized" society, to live the lavish life. To be able to travel the world and buy the things you want and deserve without worry. To live in a big home in a prosperous community. To drive the best and latest cars. To wear the best clothes designed from the top clothing designers in the world. To send your children off to the best schools for the best education possible.

Some may even say... "In order to have those things I need to be rich." It's true! In order to live the kind of lifestyle I described above you must have the income. However, you don't need to be materially rich. You must first become mentally rich!

To me being rich is having knowledge of self, true happiness and good health habits. You can be wealthy without being rich. And, you can be rich without being wealthy. Wealth is material possessions. Being rich is a state of mind. Being rich is being fruitful and having gratitude!

In order to become financially wealthy, you must first become mentally rich. You have to go to work on yourself. You have to learn the secrets of those who have achieved the level of success you desire. You have to become a master of time management, a master of spiritual growth, and a master of self.

In order to live the life you deserve, you must find your major definite purpose and then go to work to make it real for you. Wealth will only come your way if you plan for it. By planning to acquire wealth you must first develop a rich state of mind by watering your seeds of greatness that's within the soil of your subconscious mind.

In our pursuit of wealth, what we are truly seeking is freedom and unlimited choices!

So... in our pursuit of wealth the outcome is of least importance. What's most important is the person you have to become to attract the wealth and lifestyle you want. And, that takes persistence, dedication, commitment, discipline, willingness, and a positive mental attitude.

Learn to develop a rich mindset and watch your life take on a whole new meaning.

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Judah Swagerty is an online marketing, entrepreneur success and life strategies coach who has dedicated his life to helping individuals and small business owners start and grow a profitable online business by finding their life's purpose. Please visit for more information, FREE tools and resources.