Relaxation is to a very large extent necessary for everybody, no matter how minute it may seem . Relaxation helps to ease tension or stress over a particular period ( It could be done in different ways, depending on the interests of the person involved. It could also take different places or locations, but for the purpose of the context of this article, I am limiting relaxation to the home context.
Ordinarily, the home should be a place of solace and tranquility, a place where you are free and shut out of all of the frenzy and high-pitched activities in an environment.

However, while the home should be such a place, it is not so for some people, as it is a total opposite. Some people don't even dare to allow the thought of relaxation at home cross their minds, as this might be on their parts, the worst place for relaxation. They are not to be blamed as this could be as a result of certain factors such as the number of infants they have under them, who need unflinching attention. Also, the setting of the home could be a discouragement to such a person. As much as the home might seem like the most unlikely place for relaxation, there are certain things that could make it the best place for relaxation and a great setup for dealing with stress.

There are things to be done and not to be done, things to be put in place and things to avoid in trying to make the home turn out to be a good place for dealing with stress.

Get rid of stimulants while you're at home.

Staying at home, sometimes, could be a license to eat or drink almost anything as the cravings come, no matter how many times. However, in trying to get the best out of relaxation at home, as mentioned earlier there are certain things to avoid or forgo as the case may be. One of such things is alcohol, and as an addition, caffeine. These substances are stimulants and increase one's stress level, such that no matter how relaxation friendly and serene your house may be, it is not enough to give you your desired objective, which is relaxation and stress alleviation.
In the place of these substances you could take water or natural fruit juice (especially high in Vitamin C which keeps your body hydrated and in a better state to cope with stress. In addition to this, the intake of refined sugars should be reduced or avoided.
Structuring the home such that it is suitable for physical activities is also a good idea. It is held that stress is adequately handled by a correct flight response. So engaging in physical activities, which is first a result of the way your home is structured to accommodate such, is necessary in dealing with stress.

Get rid of triggers.

Make sure your bedroom or relaxation area is set up in such a way that things that bring to your memory or are pointers to stress, are not present. In addition to this is the idea of creating a zone that could be a source of happiness and a way out of the world of stress, momentarily. It may be referred to as the recreation room, the fun room (as states), room where stress dies, or anything that catches your fancy. Such a room is your personal space and a place for your 'me' time, and as such every other person should be able to treat it in that regard. If it means you handing your energetic kiddies over to a chaperone to take care of them for that period you intend to relax, then do not hesitate.

You need a good start.

Making of the bed everyday could also be a good addition to how your home helps you relax. Someone has said that the state of your bed reflects the state of your head. Funnily, this to a certain extent has an element of truth in it, in that a well-made bed is attractive and sleep encouraging. There's this satisfaction that a smooth bed gives that is more when compared with what a not so attractive bed has to offer.

Natural light is your friend.

Natural lighting is also an essential additional to the stress elimination mission, in that as much as a dark room could be cozy, it could also be equally gloomy and influence one's mood as opposed to what a bright room has to offer.
Making your house appear at its best could also ensure relaxation and deal with stress. There's this kind of appeal that a well arranged house gives, a kind of relief that in no way induces stress but deals with stress. So arranging your house keeps it in a position to deal with stress.

Your own safe relaxation zone.

To reiterate the idea of a recreation room, you could have a room that is just devoted to recreation and leisure (or spending your time with friends and/or family), with eye friendly colours, lightning and good spacing, such that you know that when you are stressed, you consciously work towards alleviating it.

These tips may seem so minute and of no great relevance, but giving them a try would surely give you that relaxation you desire, and extinguish that stress you loathe, in no time.

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