How important is your child's smile to you?
Pediatric dentistry is one of the most overlooked aspects of childcare. Many adults are in the habit of not going to the dentist unless their tooth hurts. As a result, many kids have little positive experience with dentists.

Summit Dental Center smile experts want to help Houston parents understand the positive impact a pediatric dentist can have on a child's dental health.

How Does Your Child Feel About The Dentist?
One bad experience at the dentist's office can leave a child scarred for life. They'll never want to go back, even if they get to see a different dentist. With that negative experience in mind, children frequently grow up never receiving the dental care they need.

By choosing your child's dentist wisely, you can help him or her develop a desire to maintain their smile through regular visits. Kids won't be afraid to visit a good dentist who makes the experience a positive one!

One study revealed that even young kids have preferences about the kind of care they get at a dental office. The way they perceive the dentist and even the office surroundings affects how comfortable they are with going back for another visit.

Benefits of Visiting A Pediatric Dentist
So why choose a dentist who specializes in treating kids?
Also known as pedodontists, these dentists get extra training in performing child-appropriate procedures in smaller-than-normal spaces or for kids with special needs. They also have extensive experience in helping kids feel understood andremain calm while in the dental chair. A child-friendly manner, conversation or reward can go a long way in making young patients feel comfortable.

With this added help, your child is much more likely to have a good first impression of dentistry.

Start Your Kid's Dental Care Now
It's never too early to start getting your child used to dental care! We can't stress this enough. The sooner you bring your child in for a fun and relaxed visit, the quicker they'll get used to the process. When, down the road, a cavity or other dental problem occurs, the child has already established a relationship of trust with the dentist and won’t be afraid to get treatment.

Each visit after the first one will only get easier – both for you and for your son or daughter. Your child will cooperate and will also better understand why such care is important to their health.
Pediatric dental visits can include many essential procedures such as:
• Examinations
• X-rays (as few as possible)
• Cleanings
• Dental sealants
• Fluoride treatment
• Early orthodontic assessment
• Oral hygiene education
• Counselling on oral habits

Pediatric Dentist in Houston
Summit Dental Center offers one of the best pediatric dental offices in Houston. A warm and friendly family-oriented environment will help your kids feel right at home. Plus, we offer convenient weekend and evening hours to suit your busy schedule.

Our experienced dentists ensure that your son or daughter has a positive first experience. This will make it easier for you to promote a smile-friendly lifestyle and easier for them to maintain a positive view of dental care.
We'd love to get to know your family! Call us today to schedule your child's first visit with our team at a location near you.

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