Do you have a small kitchen space and would want to make it beautiful and maximize storage? It is possible – you can recreate your kitchen space using enhancements like white shaker kitchen cabinets to change your kitchen’s appearance and functionality.

Here are tips that you can adopt to get started.

Lighten your room

It’s always about perception in the kitchen space. A kitchen will look bigger if it has more light. Therefore, the first thing is to make your kitchen space look as bright as possible.

Several ideas can help you to achieve this idea:

Invest in white kitchen cabinets

A simple idea as buying new white shaker kitchen cabinets can help to improve the light situation in your kitchen space. Firstly, white is a color that reflects light, making the room look bigger. Secondly, shaker cabinetry is minimalistic, thus, creating space for movement in the kitchen.

Tear down kitchen walls

Another great idea is to tear the kitchen walls to create large window space to add more natural light to the kitchen. This is an expensive idea that needs proper planning. Unlike buying white shaker kitchen cabinets, tearing the walls needs an architect or a contractor involved for the project to be completed neatly.

Add light fixtures

You can also opt for artificial light fixtures instead of the expensive option of tearing the walls. This is the most preferred option because it has the benefit of the perception of extra space yet there is no huge expense attached to this improvement plan.

Declutter your kitchen

Have you checked your cabinets for kitchen items that you rarely used? This could also be a good starting point for homeowners with small kitchen spaces. Ensure that your kitchen only has the essential items that are needed and get rid of unwanted items.

This simple tip will free up the kitchen space and allow you to enjoy a bigger space. It is also a tip that encourages you to work with minimalistic cabinetry like white shaker kitchen cabinets that will swiftly help your kitchen to keep a perceived larger space.


When you consider all the options presented here, you will have an easy time changing the appearance of your kitchen space. You can be sure that your small kitchen space will be transformed.

You can also check online on Pinterest for some great ideas for remodeling a small kitchen space.

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