Understanding the Core Definition of Lyrics

If someone were to ask what are lyrics, the “scientific” or the “by the book” answer would say that the word ‘lyrics’ itself is a derivative of ‘lyrikos’ from the Greek language; its literal meanings being ‘singing to the lyre’. However, lyrics are more than just that.
Where Does the Beauty of Lyrics Come From?

Lyrics are, our friends, when we want to hear someone’s thoughts talking to us in the form of a 3rd person conversation. Lyrics are the stimulant that reaches out to numerous moods it comes across. The ability to click with a large number of audiences in their different roles, individual situations, is what makes lyrics such a powerful force behind music; and which is why there is a larger listener base for vocal infested music rather than for (with all due respect) instrumental music.
Some Popular Types of Lyrics

Depending on the genre of music, you will find numerous (and endless) categorization of lyrics; from the (at times) soothing Christian lyrics to rhythmic gospel lyrics, from the chirpy Country lyrics to the more-than-needed-to-be-explicit Hip Hop lyrics.

And lastly, but definitely not the least, the ever versatile & deep rock lyrics; the world of music remains as vibrant as vibrant can be.
Writing Lyrics

There is no prescribed rule for how to write lyrics. Some musicians write their lyrics after they’ve completely composed the melody and then start writing poetry inspired by the mood set by the melody.

Another approach is to write lyrics first and then synchronize a whole composition to go with the tonality of the poetry. At the same time, it shouldn’t come as surprise to find famous quotes appearing in some songs as lyrics; references to poems are no stranger either to the former.

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