Amazon suspension may become a nightmare for you, wondering how to reinstate your selling privilege and start selling again. Well, you do not have to worry at all if you proceed systematically on time. The suspension on Amazon does not mean the end of the world. In fact, you will get to learn many things and enhance your working style.

To convince Amazon Seller Performance team, you have to be very straightforward and professional and that is what must reflect on your appeal letter. The second important part is the structure that you must follow. Here are some suggestions to help you in writing an appropriate appeal letter.

There are certain things that Amazon wants from every appeal letter. These are:

Admitting the issue and a clear understanding of the cause of your suspension.
Actions taken by you solve the issues
Preventive measurements, taken to avoid such issues in future if reinstated.
You should formulate your appeal letter covering the three aspects and explaining them in detail. Communicate successfully these points in your letter to convince the Seller Performance team to consider your account for reinstatement.

Structure of the Appeal letter

Introduction: Start with your introduction covering your seller account name, and the cause of your suspension.
Acknowledgment of your faults: Accept the issues that cause the suspension and explain how it happened. Take the responsibility and express your eagerness to resolve it. Do not give any excuses. Be straightforward and transparent.
Actions, taken to solve the problem: Explain in detail the actions you have taken to meet the issues and resolve them. Address all the issues raised by Amazon and provide solutions for all. It will show your concern and willingness for developments. Stick to the solutions only. Do not mention anything out of the box. Explaining matters not related to your suspension may spoil the process and make unnecessary delay in resolving it.
Preventive measurements, taken to avoid it in future: Your future course of actions to get reinstated is very much important to gain the faith of the seller performance team on you. These are the steps that you must take to avoid the issue to happen in the future. Explain the steps in detail to communicate how it will help in doing business in line with Amazon.
Summary: Summarize the letter stating clearly that if reinstated how you will take care of your business and conduct it in line with Amazon’s expectation.
Remember that the structure of the appeal is equally important to the content of the letter. Take care to include only the necessary points. Keep your tone professional and use appropriate words to explain your sincerity. Do not panic and try to gain sympathy from Amazon as it is not at all interested in such things. Also, do not complain or blame anybody for the suspension. Simply accept the suspension and provide solutions to resolve them. Explain how the steps taken by you will stop these problems in the future if your account is reinstated. Amazon is highly professional and it expects its seller to be the same.
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