'Help Wanted'; 'Now Hiring'; 'Accepting Applications' - These are very common slogans used by employers around the world when posting job ads. These are also very bland slogans used by employers around the world when posting job ads. Even worse than these overused, inauthentic, impersonal jingles are the job descriptions that often accompanies them. The post industrial era hosts a competitive labour market. To win the talent war, employers must know how to write a job description that gets applications, or find someone who can.

Start with the Title

Would you rather be a Housekeeper or an Image Ambassador? Create titles that are unique; that draw attention, builds interest and give people pride in the work that they do. Just because other businesses in your industry advertise for Front Desk Clerks, nothing is stopping you from advertising for a Welcome Team Member.

Working Environment

Does the position you want to fill involve standing for long periods of time? Will the successful candidate be required to travel extensively? Be clear about the position you are advertising. Be honest. They are going to find out eventually that a large part of each day will involve heavy lifting!


The new generation of employees entering the labour market want ROI ~ Return on Investment. Contrary to popular belief, most new labour market entrants are willing to put in the effort, but before they do, they want to know that you will reward that dedication with your own. Are there opportunities for professional or personal development? Advancement? These are the questions on job seekers' minds, and why should everyone wait until the interview to discuss these points? A good recruitment agency gets to these difficult points.

Culture / Core Values

Henry David Thoreau said, "Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it."

In the information rich world of 2011, workers want to know the companies they work for. Use your job ad to educate potential candidates (and potential clientele for that matter) on what makes your organization different. Many candidates will be able to match their skills to the requirements of the job, but do their beliefs and priorities align with those of your organization?

If you are an employer who believes that employees are our greatest asset in business, you want to recruit the best. Write job descriptions that get applications and you could have the pick of the lot.

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