For a long time, fans have not had it easy to follow Major League Baseball (MLB) without traditional cable service, in contrast to what happens with the UFC or Top Rank Boxing. But there are alternatives and in Digital Trends we will tell you how to watch the 2019 MLB games if you do not have cable TV.

You can easily follow the UCF or Top Rank Boxing online thanks to partnerships with services such as 토토사이트. You can even follow some Major League Soccer games through Twitter. Instead, baseball game broadcasts are much more controlled by regional sports networks and MLB itself, leaving many fans with no major options.

However, the Internet is starting to catch up and strict Baseball Major League regulations on sports broadcasts have relaxed a bit in recent years. In fact, the MLB and Facebook agreed to broadcast a total of 25 games through the social network, although only for users in the United States.

If you are one of those who cut your cable or satellite subscription, you still have some options to follow all (or almost all) Major League Baseball matches. Read on and you will know how to watch the MLB 2019 games directly on your computer or mobile device and which streaming service is the most convenient for you.

The best option to watch major league games online is FuboTV, which covers all Fox and NBC regional sports networks. This allows you to stream the games of the 23 teams that are not affected by the regional “blackout” rule of the MLB.

The five teams you won't be able to watch on Fubo TV are the Baltimore Orioles, the Colorado Rockies, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Seattle Mariners. Unfortunately, there are no transmission services that can offer you a solution with them.

FuboTV offers the widest coverage of MLB equipment, but it is also the most expensive, with $ 45 per month.

But if you don't need a service that allows you to watch the games in your area, as with FuboTV, then a subscription to Amazon Prime and is a cheaper way to watch MLB games played in other places. This is ideal if you are a fan of non-local teams in your area.

Amazon Prime has a cost of $ 13 per month, while reaches $ 25 per month, so this alternative reaches $ 38 per month. However, this would be a good option only if you are already a Prime subscriber.

Otherwise, ESPN Plus could be a better option for the transmission of games that are played in other areas. The subscription costs $ 25 per month or $ 119 per year, while ESPN Plus costs only $ 5 per month or $ 50 per year, and you get a ton of other sports content, such as UFC, NFL and more.

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