Three families of inhalation devices are currently available: metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and nebulizers. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages, and especially a realization technique that is unique to it. In children, the choice of the right device takes into account the age of the patient, the molecule that we want to prescribe, the site to be treated in the airways and of course the device itself and its ease by the patient. This choice is usually the result of different concessions. It must take into account the control of the respiratory pathology, the local adverse effects, the wishes of the patient, and the result of the systematic control of the inhalation technique of this one.

Why use inhalers?

Asthma is a disease of the lungs, so it makes sense that many of the asthma medications are inhaled. Although it is easier to take a tablet, inhaling medications for asthma has benefits. The inhaled asthma medication directly reaches the location of the problem - the lungs. Since the drug goes immediately to the lungs, it can also work faster.

Learn how to properly use your inhalers

It is important to learn how to properly use your devices to get the right dose in the right place. Show your doctor, pharmacist or an accredited specialist in the field of asthma how you make use of your devices for administering asthma medications. They can correct any problem so that you receive the right dose every time.
How do I know if there is still medicine in my inhaler?
Follow the instructions with each device to make sure that the medicine is still in the inhaler. Some devices will have counters, while others will not. If the number of doses in an inhaler is low, get a new one immediately. You must avoid running out of drugs for asthma. It is always a good practice to keep another inhaler handy.

Where to learn more

Your doctor, pharmacist, or accredited specialist in the field of asthma can:
• Explain how each of your asthma medications work
• Discuss all your concerns about potential side effects

Show you how to use the inhalation device of your medication (your inhaler, retaining chamber, Diskus, Turbuhaler, etc.). Here you can know the price, usage & more of most popular Dulera inhaler.

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