We all glance at our watch to see the time; it is the simple thing we all do. Sometimes people who are not even in a hurry or someone who doesn’t even a busy schedule filled with meetings and showing presentations glance at their watches subconsciously multiple times a day. But when it comes to Apple's new watch (series 5), it does way more things rather than just showing time.

In the previous edition of Apple Watches, the face of the watch used to remain dark until it was raised to see the time but in the Series 5 of Apple Watch, the face of the watch remains on all the time and is someone wants to see their watch they could simply see it from any position, it does to matter if they are standing or sitting or sleeping people can glance at their watch from any of these positions.

There are many other features that make it one of the best smartwatches availing the market. The features which were already present in Series 4 are also present here like heart health diagnostic tool, but Series 5 has a built-in compass and watchOS six features which makes the user experience much better. The always-on display is a cherry on top for people who find raising their waist annoying, especially in a busy area.

Here are some tips and tricks which will make your experience better, and these tips will help people who don't know how to use Apple Watch Series 5.

  1. Surface angles can be measured with this watch:

    Just like an iPhone, this watch has a compass sensor, but in Series 5, it has an advantage because it is handy. All you need to do is scroll down and tap on this app, and then you can lay your watch on any surface to measure the surface's horizontal and vertical levels.
  2. The direction in Maps have enhanced:
    Just like in any iPhone, Apple Maps relies on a built-in compass sensor to show the direction which you will currently be facing, and this becomes handy when we are shown step-by-step directions.
  3. You can hide your private stuff while using always-on display:
    One of the most attractive features about series 5 watch is its always-on display which allows you check the time and glance at any other information which might be showing on the screen even you are in a meeting or a busy place and no one will notice you because won’t be looking rude by flipping over your wrist to see the time. You can choose an option where you could easily hide information which is sensitive so that no one could see that information even when your wrist is down.
  4. You can easily delete native apps:
    WatchOs allow its users to delete the stock app from the home screen just like iOS lets its users delete native apps on iPhone. Let’s take an example of stock apps, if you want to delete this app all you need to do is hold this app’s icon which is displayed on the home screen, then you can tap on the "x" icon, and this will confirm your action of deleting that app. If you mistakenly delete any other app, then you can simply download them from the App Store.
  5. You can use the double storage feature:
    You can double internal storage than it used to have in the series five watches. This means you can store more items on the watch itself, be it your photos, music, and more. In this way, you can get all your favorite things on your watch. This will come in handy if your watch is not an LTE watch, and this means that streaming through cellular cannot be your option.
  6. Now you can easily re-order your watch face:
    We are all familiar with the feature where you could edit the faces of the watches directly from the watch itself or through a Watch app on your iPhone, but the new feature is that you can rearrange your watch face through watchOS 6. You can edit the face by pressing the watch face, which lets you enter an edit mode. When you have entered the edit mode, drag the watch face to the total new position of your liking. When you swipe through your watch faces next time, it’ll be still there.
  7. You can pick any kind of band you want:
    With Series 5 watches, you no longer need to stick with the bands which are made to be a combination for Apple watches; instead, you can buy and mix-match any bands and case materials of your liking and use it.
  8. Noise app:
    Don’t t forget to test the Noise app? If you are someone who is very strict when it comes to noise pollution, this app is perfect for you. You'll be alarmed as soon as you enter an area in which noise levels can actually damage your hearing power. Just keep in mind that this app takes up a lot of battery charge, so use it when really feel that you need to the levels of noise.
  9. You can keep tabs on your heart:
    Continuing with the series four feature, the latest edition of the Apple watch also has electrocardiogram which could save your life by pointing out small things which have an adverse effect on your heart. For example, if your heart rate is increasing on its own, even when you're doing zero physical activities.
  10. You can find your iPhone in the dark:
    This feature has been in the Apple watches and on iPhone as well from the beginning. If you’ve misplaced your iPhone in the dark and you’re unable to locate it, you can simply tap on the Control Centre and then tap on the phone icon, and this will ping up your iPhone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also make your phone flash by tapping and pressing the Control Centre toggle.
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