The TikTok application is only a few years old, and in terms of the number of users, it will soon be able to compete with giants such as Instagram and Facebook. Its main function is to create short clips, which add effects and sounds to originality. People are enjoying stardom on this increasingly popular social platform. Most of them buy TikTok views and use other promotional tools to get noticed. If you are new to TikTok and don’t know how to upload your track, let’s consider in detail how to add your music to TikTok?

Service Features

The application allows you to create and share short clips, the length of which does not exceed 15 seconds. You can edit the finished work by adding sound and visual chips here, flip, crop, change the playback speed and volume level.

Music Tracks at TikTok

The platform has various music catalogs that are available to create an interesting clip. The most common ones are:

• Base audio tracks and compositions.
• Recording winged phrases from movies and TV shows.
• Phone tracks.

The sound library is very extensive and regularly updated. It is noticed that when creating video upload music to TikTok, its popularity increases significantly.

How to add a track

Users of some gadgets can add their songs when recording a video. To do this, you need:

• Download TikTok on iOs or Android and run it.
• Click on the “+” image.
• Record a video and click the Add Music button.
• In the tab at the top, find the option “My sounds.”

Selecting it, you open a list of audio recordings stored on the smartphone.

Thus, you can add your music to TikTok. But now this function of the program is not available on all devices.

Work with filters.

Filters for video and audio files

In order for the new video to be original and get more likes, experienced users use all kinds of effects. The following options are available in TikTok:

• Camera – Front / Rear Alternation.
Beauty – eliminates blur and other defects.
• Speed - removes an unnecessary fragment.
• Change effect – allows you to select the desired function.
• Filters – for recording non-standard videos.

But the video will not be complete without music. You can add it to the application library. For this:

• Open your Profile.
• A list of available sections is being studied (Favorites, My Entries, Popular). Each has separate categories.
• By clicking on the selected track, cropping is performed, which is superimposed on the video sequence.

But just loading the effect will not be enough. It still needs to be configured.


You can make a video in several ways:

• Click and hold the camera icon. Release it only when the clip is shot.
• Set the gap on the timer. Shooting will take place until time runs out.
On the finished material, you can impose an audio sequence. If necessary, you need to cut the sound in TikTok.


At the moment, there is no function to add your own video track in TikTok. Perhaps after the next update, the problem will be resolved. Because now users have to use third-party programs. So far, this is the only way to make a video with your own track. If you are a newbie on TikTok, follow these steps to upload your track on TikTok. If you want to stand out through your music, don’t forget to buy TikTok views.

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Follow these simple steps to upload your own sound in your Tik Tok video.