Method 1:

Fill your bucket with a few inches of hot water and add a reasonable amount of hair conditioner.

Lightly work the solution through the complete sweater, massage it as you go. Stretch it out of the water and fix on a stack of bath towels and then softly stretch the sweater into the former shape.Let to dry in a cool room. Repeat this process if needed. Then fully soak the conditioner, and lay flat to dry.

Method 2:

Rinse the clothes in hot water with a mild soap for just about 10 minutes. This open the fibers in the wool.Put the clothes out on some towels in a chill place. expanse the clothes out to its earlier dimensions. The extending pulls the opened wool fibers away from each other.

Let it to dry. If using the cold water for the drying process let the wool fibers to decided in place without locking and shrinking the clothes again.

Method 3 (for cashmere)

Fill your sink with light hot water, add a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Immerse the sweater and allow it rinse for half an hour. Then carefully provoke the fibers apart – this must be time consuming and tedious process – but it works! Once you have provoked out the fibers, softly extend the wool in all directions. Complete it with a cold water dip and lay out flat to dry.

Method 4:

Fill your bathroom sink with slightly hot water and add 1/3 cup of hair conditioner. Add the sweater and allow it rinse for about 10 minutes to open the wool fibers.

Allow the water drain, but don’t soak out the sweater. When the sink is clear, softly press the sweater against the basin to avoid any excess water. Do not twist it.

Put the sweater out flat on an absorptive towel. Add another towel on top of it and hold down on it solid to blot out as high water as you can.

Method 5:

Ready a cool, dry room. Rinse the sweater. Ensure to use the coolest water you can luxuriously grasp your hands in and grasp the sweater under water long enough to ensure it’s completely rinsed.Softly twist the sweater out by hand by compelling and folding, rather than wring the fabric.attach the sweater in the arranged room. Extend out a dry towel under where it’s hanging to catch. Desire fans to blow on the sweater. Awaiting a few hours.

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