The computer is an essential part of our educational system. Nowadays it is a necessity, so everyone especially students shows their interest to learn at least the basics of computer. That’s why people started learning to type. But sometime even after practicing a lot, the typing speed couldn’t grow properly. There may be several reasons, but the main reason is not practicing regularly and in a proper way. So in this article, we will learn to boost up our typing speed and improve the accuracy rate.

Like a language, typing has grammar too. And if you want to make your typing fast you have to know all the rules of typing.

Typing method
There are several typing methods available. You may choose any of them. Generally, people practice typing using Hunt & Peak method, which is not good for fast typing. If you want to be a professional typist learn the touch typing first.

Touch typing is a method where the typist type without looking at the keyboard. Here the typist memorizes the keyboard layout and types by feeling the keys of the keyboard. It may sound very difficult but once you started practicing it, this will become very easy.

If you are using a complete keyboard, you will find small bump presents over the key F and J. These elevated plastic helps the typist to identify the keys while typing. Place your index finger over it. Now look into the picture and place all of your fingers over the middle row of the keyboard. This row is called the home row. Remember one thing; you have to get back the fingers to the home row after every keystroke.

Once you understand the method properly, it’s time to practice. To practice, you may use MS Word. Open a document start a stopwatch, and start typing it on MS Word. At the end of the typing session check the time you have taken to type the docs. Now go to the word-count section on MS Word and look at what number of words you have typed. This is how you could know your “word per minute” speed. To practice typing, you may also use any online typing test application. These applications calculate the WPM and accuracy rates automatically. So it saves your time and effort. You may use this app to practice:

Try to follow all the rules of touch typing while practicing. This may slow down the typing speed initially but will help you in the long run.

Now make a schedule and practice at least for one hour a day. Remember one thing, there is no shortcut. If you want to learn to type, practice regularly. In my experience, if you practice regularly for one hour, your typing speed will increase up to 300% within 2 months.

Four things you have to follow to boost your typing speed
Try to not look at the keyboard while practicing.
Know the finger positions.
Know the uses the Shift keys.
Keep patient.

Author's Bio: 

From past 15 years Alex is a professional typist and typing expert.