Have you ever had the thought?
My life just doesn’t seem to make sense!
Is it possible for life to make perfect sense?
I both believe and know it is possible for each of us to have our lives make perfect sense.
It's possible to come into a deep connected alignment with our daily life and consciousness so that every moment is a walk in ease and grace, and that you know without any doubt that you are in the right place at the right time, the synchronicities all line up and are no longer a surprise.

Doubt in your life can disappear, so you can live with conviction in the inherent goodness of the life process, honouring who you are in truth.
Disillusionment becomes just another insight as doubt falls away.

It's possible to have such a deep connection to the divine at the heart of our existence that we know we are living our lives in service. We definitely don’t have to leave town, run away or go to the Himalayas to know this. And in this knowing, the discovery of an unimaginable and abiding liberation from the suffering of the confused, neurotic, separate sense of self is both possible and necessary for us to find and have our freedom!

What I'm speaking about is a completely different kind of human life than most of us have ever encountered. It is using a different thought system than we normally use, beyond the concepts such as being in the now or accepting every moment. So much more than the meditative state of witness consciousness, where we learn to stand back and observe. This way is fully engaged with the force of nature we might call Universal Mind.
Opening to authentic spiritual awakening in which the ego has been radically overridden by this creative universal force.
It's a life in which our endless quest for our own fulfilment has been replaced by a passion to give and to serve. As we change and rearrange to this force of Ultimate nature our relationship to being here and living changes in ways we could never imagine.

Experientially, we can find ourselves in a state of profound receptivity and openness. A knowing about our own personal universe, what to do and how to do it!
A deep and abiding simplicity pervades our life, and an ongoing sense of flow permeates what we do. Amidst this profound openness, there is remarkable mental clarity at times, but there is no clinging on to that clarity. Insights come and go, and so there is no grasping on to certainty, which impedes this flow.

But in moments when clarity is needed, it miraculously appears, integrating all of our knowledge and lived experience in a flash of intuitive knowing, this is far beyond the tarot reader’s ability.

Spiritual experiences come and go, too, but there is no longer any clinging to or seeking for the states of ecstasy or bliss. We have discovered the source of these things, and so feel no compulsion to cling to them.
In a sense, we feel for the whole of life and a more inclusive understanding. We feel the pain of the whole and the joy of the whole as our own pain and our own joy. Not as a separate observer but as the integrated healed and whole knower.
And at the centre of our being is a passion for transformation, a calling to transform the world into an expression of the divinity we have discovered. In this service abides our own.

And this possibility is for all of us, to become, know and experience.
And of course is all quite challenging, as we oft want to maintain control of our lives, in ways we think will help and give momentum to this new opening to the Divine.
However learning the true flow will take us to knowing ourselves not as separate from each other but as aspects of the Whole ,giving and receiving in Grace.

So, if we want our life to change profoundly, we have to come to terms with what we're doing here. That means cultivating a clear and unwavering intention to bring our life into alignment with that which is greater than us, but is us as we truly know ourselves.

It is necessary to have commitment and determination in this endeavour
Every morning, before you do anything else, take some time to do a meditation and after write in your journal asking yourself a question. What is my purpose here on earth? Dig down deep for the answers. You will find there are many questions that will flow on from that one question.
Ask them all …the answers will come.

We must also step up and take full responsibility for our world, with a knowing of our own evolutionary path and our part in it.

In the end, we realize that the very power we've surrendered to is also our truest self.

In this new and radical realignment at the core soul level of our being, we begin to know, in our every breath as we learn to express from that place alone. This becomes freedom from the world as we fully engage as a servant of this divine energy, which is our self-honoring.

Author's Bio: 

Margo Knox is a Visionary Transformational Healer
Author of "Conscious Ageing,7 Steps to Claiming Your Eldership"
She runs the facebook page Baby Boomers with Purpose
and gives talks on Conscious Ageing, and the the cycles of life as we age and the lead up to our transition
contact margo@margoknox.com