How to Train Your Unconscious Mind

Did you know that you’re sitting on a well of power over 30 times greater than your conscious mind? Well, that’s your unconscious and it’s there to stay. You see, there’s a good reason why the rich are rich and the famous are famous, and it’s not because they’re smarter than you. No, it’s because they have found a way to access some of this dormant power within themselves. Whether they are walking the dog or taking a shower, they are working upon themselves and you can do the same too.

So how can you access this power?

How can you train your unconscious to be the tool that propels you to more money, more fame and more happiness? Well, here are 4 simple tips that you can follow every day.

Subliminal Messages

Have you ever thought, while watching TV: I really want a Coke? Well, you may have been subject to some subliminal messaging. These messages speak directly to your unconscious mind, avoiding your rational conscious.
Freud split the mind into 3 parts, the ego, super ego and id. While the ego and super ego are rational elements, your id is like a child: it wants things and it will do anything to get hold of them. By talking directly to your id, subliminal messages bypass the need to rationalize the process to your conscious ego.
When a salesman wants to sell a product to a consumer, they focus their attention on the wants of their subject, not their needs. If you want something bad enough, your conscious mind will rationalize it for you. So how about doing this on yourself?
Well, one great way is by placing notes around the house with affirmations. You might see these notes every now and again and that message will be ingrained within your unconscious. So, if you want to change your routine and start drinking more water, for instance, you can place a note around saying “I love drinking water!” or something as such. These affirmations should be positive – not “don’t”, for instance – and instructional – such as “do this”.

Goal Setting

No matter what your problem in life, setting attainable goals to achieve it can help you on the way. When it comes to accessing your hidden power, goal setting, and the stating of these goals, can help to reprogram your unconscious mind and allow you to realign your brain.
A great way to do this is simply think through your goals every morning before you get out of bed. If you want to get so much work completed that day, tell yourself that you can and will do so. Later on, you’ll find that this will come naturally to you: your unconscious mind will have become closer aligned to your conscious mind, allowing you access to some of that power within.


One of the best ways to find that extra power within yourself is through careful meditation. By shutting out the distractions of the world outside, you can clear your mind and allow a greater amount of information to be processed.
Find a quiet spot away from your usual place of work and close your eyes. There is no need to take a particular pose or breathe in a certain fashion: just relax and let your mind find its own place. Sometimes you can stumble across the answer to one of your problems by just letting your mind soar on its own.

Walk and Talk

Sometimes you can be in a rush, however. There isn’t enough time to sit down and meditate. While not quite the same, there is a way you can still access some of that power within - with training, of course.
As you’re walking to work, go through the things you want to do, need to do and are good at. Much like goal setting, be clear and give instructions to your unconscious. However, all you need to do is affirm that you can do these tasks and you will.

Of course, as with any training of the mind, not everything works for everyone. The best idea is to try everything that feels comfortable to you. Put notes around the house with positive affirmations and talk through your goals on a regular basis: you’d be surprised at the difference that alone can make.
You can also get involved in more in depth training to find the path best for you. This way, a professional can guide you along your way and find the best methods for your unconscious. Soon you’ll be able to access some of that extra power trapped within.

Author's Bio: 

Author Tore Kesicki is life time student of (NLP) Neuro Strategies , Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression.. He is also one of the countries top life coaches and has a Mission To Bring Love, Light & Happiness Into The Lives he Touches Through Education Via Divine Spiritual Counciling . Mr Kesicki Has Been a Life time student of Quantum Mechanics and his most recent work is soon to also be published