Karma is defined by dictionary.com as follows: "The cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation."

We agree with this definition mostly, except that we believe karma is never a punishment from a judging god or anyone else. It can, however, be a lesson chosen by the soul.

The word karma is thrown around frequently these days, and in our opinion, is often misunderstood.

We have a different perception of karma than many people, which is based on many years of past life regressions. As we always say, reincarnation and karma are absolutely linked; you can't have one without the other.

While keeping in mind the above definition of karma, decide which examples of karma below are true and which are false.

Racial Karma

Robert, a 23 year-old black man, has endured some racism, but not nearly as much as his parents and grandparents have. He doesn't trust white people and blames them for his lack of success. He's made it his life mission to fight against racism and is often the one shouting the loudest at racism protests. Unfortunately, he sees racism in many situations where it is absent.

True or false? Are racial issues Robert's karma? Yes, true. In this example of karma, the soul that is now in the body of Robert had past incarnations as white and very racist, denying opportunity to anyone of color. Robert doesn't consciously remember those lifetimes, so he projects his guilt and anger onto others.

Gina, a talented, young, black actress, feels fortunate to work steadily, as there are many starving artists in her profession. She's witnessed many examples of racism, and heard many stories from her older black relatives and friends, but hasn't experienced a lot of it herself. When she does, she tries not to take it personally and reminds herself that there's nothing wrong with her skin color, it's their issue, and they'll eventually have to deal with it.

This isn't an example of racial karma, but it is of good karma in general, since Gina has developed her excellent acting skills over many lives.

Money Karma

John, a 33 year-old mechanic, was born into a poor family. Lack of money has always been a problem. He despises "the rich" and feels it's a great social injustice that some people are wealthy and have more money than they need, while many are poor and can't afford basic necessities. Nothing makes him more angry than seeing some "greedy, rich jerk" in a car that costs more money than many people make in a lifetime. In his opinion, no one deserves that much money, and they probably obtained it by illegal or immoral means. If he had his way, he'd confiscate all their wealth and give it to the poor.

True or false--is this a case of bad karma for John? True. In this example of karma, John's soul had past incarnations as a "greedy, rich jerk." Instead of acknowledging he's seeing the world as he is (or was, in past lives) and accepting and forgiving that part of himself, he projects it onto other people.

Al was also born into a poor family, but he's always managed to have everything he needs and money isn't that important to him. There are things he'd like to buy but can't afford, like a new car for his wife, but he gets by okay and is happy for the things he does have, like a loving family.

True or false--is this a case of bad karma for Al? False, it is not. Money is not an issue for Al, therefore, it's not karmic for him.

How do you tell if something is really a case of bad karma? Experiencing past life regression and going back to the "root cause" of the issue is the best way, but generally, if something causes you great stress and, or anger, it's probably karmic. Fortunately, you have free will to react with love and make the most out of all situations.

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