Physicians, like many others, are extremely busy and they simply do not have time to waste. A pharmaceutical representative must provide valuable information when meeting with a doctor face to face. If a doctor allows you time to meet with him, you need to maximize your face time with him.  That means you need to know your material well. Know the facts of new studies about your product, and be able to present a flawless sixty to ninety second presentation of key clinical pearls demonstrating improvements in patient outcomes.

There is no substitute for meeting with the physician in person. When you meet with the physician face-to-face, this allows the physician to build trust with you. That trust comes when you are competent, and are able to clearly articulate meaningful information about your product and how it enhances patient care.

If you are presenting a study to the physician, you should know the demographics of those who participated in the study. You should be able to explain the study design, and give the details of the study in a logical and succinct manner. Take the time to know the data in your studies. There is no excuse for not knowing all of this information and how it impacts patient care.

Put yourself in the position of the physician, when your time is a great commodity, would you give it to a person that does not know the details of a study?

You lose credibility when you have one study to share and you don't know everything about it. Face time is important since it's extremely difficult to develop a trusting relationship with someone who you can't see.

The physician needs to see that you are prepared and knowledgeable about your product. This helps to establish your credibility. Don't ruin your FACE time by not being adequately prepared. Understand that a physician does not have time to waste. If you miss the opportunity to give an excellent presentation when you are face to face, you might not get the opportunity again. 

Maximize your FACE time with physicians by following these F.A.C.E. tips:

Focus - Focus on the key elements of your product that are in alignment with that physician's practice. Take the time to learn about the practice before your first call with the physician. Review their website prior to your meeting for any updates that might be helpful for future meetings. Focus on bringing a solution that impacts patient care specific to the physician’s practice. This will help you to be viewed more as a team player and will help to earn face time.

Attitude - Be courteous to the staff; remember they are the gatekeepers to the physician. A positive attitude can be contagious so be sure to project a pleasant disposition at all times.

Commitment - Make a Commitment to Excellence. If given the opportunity to service the office, make a commitment to give excellent service. Bring samples in a timely manner or help to facilitate the office getting samples easily. Be a credible resource by providing information that can help to enhance patient care by solving clinical problems. Avoid product-oriented discussions that focus primarily on marketing and selling products.

Enthusiasm - Demonstrate your passion for your work by reporting promptly when meetings are scheduled. Do not cancel your appointments at the last minute. Late cancellations mean that you took time from someone else who might have come promptly for the meeting. Avoid tardiness and cancellations. Demonstrate positive energy and a willingness to share information about programs that can assist patients with financial hardships.

These four tips can help you establish good rapport with the physician and their staff. They can help you to maximize your FACE time with the physician. This will allow you to be seen as a valuable resource.

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