Past mistakes and traumas used to haunt me. They kept getting in my way, and I kept repeating negative cycles. All that changed when I found the teachings of Neville Goddard. Today, you are going to learn exactly how I used Neville's teachings to once and for all stop having negative cycles repeat in my life, and how you can literally erase any bad experience from your past, so that it never gets in the way of your happiness or prosperity again.

Neville Goddard, who was the inspiration for Wayne Dyer's book, Wishes
Fulfilled taught three primary tools to increase your prosperity and to manifest what you want in the world. One of them works with your past, another one works if you are stuck right now in the present (feeling stuck or overwhelmed or in a bad place), and the third method helps you to literally recreate your future and determine your destiny.

Today's lesson teaches you how to stop the past from holding you back, using his technique called Revision.

Neville teaches to use revision in two primary ways. First, at the end of your typical day as you are settling down in bed, stop and review that day's events. Notice anything that happened that didn't live up to your ideal, or anything that disturbs you. Take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and while in a deep relaxed state akin to sleep – change it to your ideal. Keep repeating that act, until your replacement memory takes on all the tones of reality. If you do this daily, you will find that you sleep better, wake up more refreshed, and that the past, even though the event physically happened, no longer has much of any impact on your world.

Note: You will find that this works great with any conflict you had during the day. For some wonderful reason all of the people involved will “shift” in a way that lets that negative energy go, and your relationships will begin to become more and more ideal and loving. We have even had coaching clients use this in their personal sales business and have their clients who had said no to their deals that day, call them up and change their minds to a yes. It is that powerful and effective, and all you need to do is practice it daily.

The other way to use revision is to take ANY cycle you keep repeating in life, and again while relaxing in a state akin to sleep, go back and rewrite what happened in your life, converting it to your ideal. Do this again and again until your replacement memory takes on all the tones of reality and you will find damaging and destructive cycles in your life ending quickly and your prosperity growing in ways that are almost beyond belief.

But what's the big deal, what has happened has happened, right? Well sort of. Current research by Daniela Schiller, of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine indicates that every time you access a memory, you don't access the original memory. In fact, you are only accessing the most recent COPY of that memory, as it was experienced when you “re-stored” it after your most current use of it.

These scientists now know that every memory that you have, is contaminated – actually changed by the mood and the circumstance you were in when you most recently accessed it, and re-stored it inside your mind. So if this happens anyway, why not take a few moments, and when you access an old memory that holds you back, or one that has you repeating the same old same old cycles that get in the way of your living your life to the fullest – change it into something much more productive. This is exactly what we do when we use the Neville Goddard method of Revision.

Remember, it's not the actual event from your past that gets in your way, it is your memory of the event that gets in your way, contaminates your decision process, and drives you batty. And changing that memory by creating a new one will free you from repeating destructive cycles, and make it much easier for you to create success and happiness in your life.

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