Binge drinking is the practice of consuming large amount of alcohol within a short period of time. In most cases, for women binge drinking is considered when four or more alcoholic beverages is consumed within two hours and for men it entails five or more.

Causes of Binge Drinking

There are several reasons why a person would engage in binge drinking. One reason can be emotionally motivated while other reasons can be socially motivated and getting caught in the moment without paying attention.

Ways on How To Stop Binge Drinking

An outpatient program that treats alcohol misuse can provide the resource and therapeutic activities for an individual stop drinking and get their life back. CBT is highly effective in assisting individuals acquire new behavior responses to stressors.

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Benjamin Kaneaiakala III, MBA, LAADC is the C.E.O. and Owner of Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health Care Services and just celebrated his 30 year sobriety birthday! He is dedicated and passionate about helping people and providing them with the tools necessary for recovery.