No one likes having the inconvenience of travelling. However, you have to face it in metro stations, airports and train stations during your trip. This happens to you due to security checks such as body temperature screening, baggage scanning via a dual view baggage scanner and body scans. You cannot skip this process. With just a few steps, you can speed up your security check. Here are some steps for your pick up:

Pay attention to time to avoid delays

You will be late for your flight if you try to go through airport security like everyone else. Here you need to improve your time. And to do that, you need to keep three points in mind:

  • Think about the day of the week that will fly for your trip. If possible, try to fly on Friday and return on Saturday/Sunday. This is because airports are not very crowded due to weekends

  • Be at the airport 1-2 hours before your flight time

  • Arrive at the airport with all your essentials

Avoid using cargo contraband

Many of you may not like airport security screening regulations. You must understand that they are for your safety. Carrying a knife, a water bottle, scissors and a large tube of toothpaste can waste your time. You need to know what you can and cannot bring on your plane trip. Here's more about it:

  • Check your luggage before you leave the house

  • Check if you have any suspicious items in your bag

  • Take it out if you put it by mistake an object

Follows rules

No exceptions, and security staff closely monitor when checking, scanning people entering the airport. For a quick security check at the airport, you must assist them

Here's what you can do:

  • Put your luggage in the baggage scanner

  • Take your laptop out of your pocket for easier check-in

  • Be ready to take off your coat and shoes if necessary

  • Look at the person in front of you and avoid looking here and there

Carry metal with you as much as possible

According to air transport regulations, you can bring metal or metal objects with you. type in a certain amount. With low metal items, you can easily pass the security check. However, the amount of metal is not something you want to carry with you. Here's what you can take with you and how to get through security:

  • Wristwatch, belt buckle

  • Hold phone in hand

  • Take change and pen out of pocket

  • Take off your shirt coat and carry everything in your hand bag

Place an order

There is usually a long line to go through security at the airport before boarding the plane. Everyone wants to put their luggage on the baggage scanner carousel. For smooth screening, it is recommended that you put on the roll bag first. Then place your laptop, closet, and shoes. Pick up each item from the baggage scanner's conveyor belt as it is picked up. Put on your shoes and step on your flight.


Air transport is convenient and fast. Security check at the airport makes it a bit inconvenient. However, getting to the airport earlier, minimising metal, supporting security staff... can make your air travel smoother, faster and more convenient for you. And you will enjoy your air travel all the time.

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