Thousands of people come online everyday with big dreams of getting rich and make money online. But once they jump into the rat race in search of the golden nugget to success they suddenly become aware that making money online is not as easy as all the "gurus" make it out to be.

They spend hundreds some even thousands of dollars trying to find the key that will unlock all the secrets to having Success Business Online. After a month or two they are confronted with the realization that their quest for success was nothing but a dream with no hope of attaining their goals to work online.

Sadly to say, this is the reality for 90% percent of all that come online seeking their golden nugget dream. Why is this happening? Well I've given this much thought over the years and now after much failing and learning I've decided to write what I've learned in the past 8 years in hope that my failures will help someone avoid the pit falls I've taken and be able to attain their milestone to success...

Here's my "5 Tips to Make Money Online!"

1) The first tip is the most important of all because it separates the serious minded people from the "come and goes..." Your mind set, Believing that you can succeed online is the absolute monolithic difference between "having success or being a failure." I can't explain why it's that way but it is the absolute truth to make money online...

2) Having a teachable spirit. what I mean by this is you must not try to remake the mold. Don't try to redo what has never been proven to work. Find a legitimate business opportunity that is proven to work. join it, study all the teaching methods and follow their example of success to your own success.

3) Always give value to people. Don't be a scammer who has no desire other than his/her success. I tell you right now with no hesitation if this is your mind set you will NEVER have success online. When you give honest value to your readers they will respect you and in return for your kindness to them and helping them "solve a problem" they may have had. They will reward you by purchasing your offers because you have gained their trust and confidence.

4) Never stop wanting to learn from others. I've been an online for 8 years and I'm constantly learning nuggets from my fellow entrepreneurs who have successful businesses. You must continue wanting to learn in this business because the internet changes so quickly. What may be an overwhelming success today could be obsolete in a month or two. The internet is ever changing you must keep up to stay in business...

5) "Free way or Paid" Which is the best way to make money online?
Most newbies who come online begin their quest for success the free way! I want to emphasize this "Free mentality thinking" as having no truth at all. Nothing is free online. Free simply means you are waisting your time on traffic that is not consistent with building your business...

When you are willing to spend money on your business will be the day you begin seeing the results you are looking for. I would rather have highly targeted quality traffic coming to my offers than cheap traffic who are in search for "Free stuff." Paid traffic is the road to you making money online.

I hope these few tips will help you in your quest for success online. I try to give my readers value that will help them have success online. The internet is a 100 billion dollar a year gold mine that offers anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to reach their goals of having success online. There's always room enough for anyone to succeed online.

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