“A Coldwell Banker Survey found that staged homes--those deliberately decorated with an eye toward enticing buyers--tend to sell in half the time than non-staged properties do.”

Home staging doesn’t have to be expensive or take much of your time. What is key, however, is that your home stands out from the rest. With these simple changes, you can give your home a fresh facelift and at the same time provide your realtor with beautiful materials as they list and market your property.

First Things First

Start with taking an outsider’s look at your home. You can even have a friend come look over your home and point some things out that you may not notice in the day-to-day life you live there. What could use some extra attention? Pay close attention to walls, trim, cabinets, and hardware. These parts of a home can take a lot of abuse over the years and usually could use a good buff and patch here and there.

One of the biggest mistakes in home staging that can cost you the sale is having cluttered space. Too much “extra” lying around distracts buyers and gives them a sense that the home doesn’t have ample storage. Tidying up the countertops, garage, bedrooms and other spaces will really make a difference in the mind of potential buyers.

Simple Hacks With Huge Impact

Once everything is prepped and de-cluttered you can get a fresh look at your spaces. Find a way to bring newness and appeal to each area of the home. It is often suggested to replace your used doormat with a happy new one. It is what the buyers will see before anything else!

- Greenery and fresh plants bring life and color
Strategically placed mirrors can enlarge and brighten a room.
- Replacing family photos with artwork related to your region will make the buyer feel like it’s their home.
- Stage an entertaining area, such as a dining room, as if you were about to host a nice dinner complete with white dishes, cloth napkins, and wine glasses.
- Give your bathroom a day spa look with fluffy white linens and boutique soaps and lotions.

These easy tips will work for any listing in any area. After you’ve prepped and completed these simple hacks it’s time to look at your market and buyer face to face and gear the rest of your staging to them specifically.

Give Them What They Want To See

Knowing the area, neighborhood and demographics of your region can have great benefits when staging your home. Consider the styles of newer homes being built in your region and try to incorporate some of those features into your own home.

- Midwest new builds are embracing the modern farmhouse style; Clean and simple pallets mixed with industrial vintage accents.
- Southern homes would do well to stage entertaining areas to show potential for gatherings and hospitality, what the south is known for.
- The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful green landscape caused by rain most days of the year. Create a warm and cozy area that features a lot of natural and woodsy textiles in its design.

These are just a few examples of incorporating region specific ideas into your staging efforts that will appeal to buyers and feature some of the styles of your specific region.

- A staged home sells quicker and provides excellent marketing materials for the realtor.
- Understand the space you’re staging in all its aspects.
- Know your market and your potential buyer.

Keep it simple for the items you feel you can handle yourself. Take it a step further by hiring a professional to get you on the right track. In most instances, professional staging contracts are 30-60 days and typically no longer than that because staging will sell a house much faster than not.

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