Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy is one of the best means of getting over your aches and pains without injections or surgery. There is little doubt concerning the effectiveness of physiotherapy for the musculoskeletal pain or injuries. However, the type of physiotherapy and the center providing the care are critical. Some physiotherapy centers offer general treatments, while others provide comprehensive therapies that are tissue-specific. And then, there are centers that treat patients from an integrative setting. Physiotherapy provided in integrative centers has shown to be more effective when compared to physiotherapy treatments obtained from physiotherapy only centers. The best physiotherapy centers are those that also provide integrative treatments in collaboration with other non-surgical caregivers.

Spine, joint and injury treatment through targeted physiotherapy produces better results. The best physiotherapy center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is at their center. What makes them better is their focused integrative methods and advanced technology. In the coming sections of this article we will provide additional information on how to choose the right center.

Choosing the right physical therapy center in Malaysia is the first step toward recovery. Don’t make the rookie mistake of choosing one based on location or ease of access. Best advice we can give you is to choose a physiotherapy center based on their clinical successes in treatments of conditions similar to yours. In other words, if you suffer from pain, sciatica or slipped disc, you wouldn’t want to opt for care from physiotherapy centers that primary treats lots of stroke cases. It would be much better to seek center that primarily treats pain, sciatic and slipped discs. Spine, joint, injuries, slipped disc and scoliosis physiotherapy treatment differ from other types of physiotherapy.

Are there Different Types of Physiotherapy Centers?

The spine and joint field of physiotherapy is also known as the musculoskeletal field of physiotherapy. The spine and joint (musculoskeletal) fields are further divided into three sections:

1. Non-surgical spine and joint physiotherapy
2. Pre-surgical spine and joint physiotherapy
3. Post-surgical spine and joint physiotherapy

The pre- and post-surgical physiotherapy treatments are often the type of physiotherapy one gets from a surgical center, like hospitals. The non-surgical physiotherapy treatments are provided in centers that provide physiotherapy treatments as an alternative to surgery. So, if you are not keen on having surgery, opt for physiotherapy from non-surgical settings. Physiotherapy from hospitals is designed to help patients prepare for surgery or recover from surgery. Hospital or surgical centers provide physiotherapy as an adjunct to surgery. In other words, their primary focus is surgery.

One other fantastic reason to select physical treatment is to prevent procedures like surgery or injections. So if you are not keen on having surgery, opt for treatments from non-surgical centers.

Where can you get the best Physical Therapy Treatments in Malaysia?

Malaysia has plenty of physiotherapy centers. Most physiotherapy centers in Malaysia provide physiotherapy alone. There are some centers that provide integrative treatments. Dr. Yama Zafer has is one of the most holistic and focused physiotherapy centers in Malaysia. He was the first to launch an integrative conservative treatment center that included physiotherapy in Malaysia. The collaborative treatment you get from their clinical physiotherapists are further enriched with breakthrough spine and joint technology. In short, the physiotherapy treatment you get from will help you recover faster.

The physiotherapists at Dr. Zafer’s clinic are specialists in movement. Their clinical experiences, advanced training and targeted spine and joint treatments enable them to provide you with the maximum quality of care.
They are the specialists you need when you have pain. Best of all the care they provide is further enhanced with advanced technology.

Dr. Yama Zafer’s Clinic Address is listed below:
No. 19 Medan Setia 1
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Clinic Number: +60 (3) 2093 1000
SMS/ WhatsApp: +60172691873

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