We all love to go to parties. There are many occasions in life where we have to take care about our dressing style. Sometimes our status is measured by the clothes we wear. For this reason we have to be concerned about our dressing style. As I said the first thing to do while going to a party is the selection of dresses. If you are able to get the best dress combination then there is no doubt that you will be the centre of attraction.

Technology has influenced our lives tremendously. We now love to buy anything and everything online. Anything we order will be delivered in our homes with just a few mouse clicks. There are many online stores that sell stylish clothing. Their online store will have all kinds of wears with a huge variety in designs, so there will be no difficulty in choosing your favorite one. There are some factors by which you can choose the best party wear with ease they are

•Weather is one of the main factors that we have to consider while choosing the party wear. We should take good care that the party wears sync with the weather of the corresponding day. In a warm weather a mini dress will be the apt choice and on a cool day skin tight party wears are more preferred. Color of the dress should also be considered; a black dress will be suitable for cold weather and on the other hand always try to choose light color dress during summers.

•The time when the party is conducted is another important factor to be considered. If we are going for an evening party, party gowns can be said as the ultimate choice. If you are going for a night party or a DJ night wear the trendy styling out fits. Make sure that it will be comfortable for dancing.

•The mood of the party is another important factor. According to the party mood we can classify party wears in to 3 categories. Formal, semi formal and causal. If you are going for an official party, parties conducted by your office authorities or so, try to wear a formal dress. Eminent personalities will be coming for the party and looks does matter for starting a conversation and impressing them. If the party is organized by your friend or neighbor, like a dinner party semi formal dress will do. For fun parties wear any dress as you wish.

•Take care that the other outfits you wear do match your dress. Wearing a black suit with yellow shoes is indeed weird. Ladies should always take special care that their jewelry, earrings and other stuff including the hand bag should be in the same color tone. After all, all we want is to catch some attraction.In India most women prefer to wear sarees and minimum jewellery along with it.

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