A coffee shop is one of the most profitable businesses in New Zealand. Even, during the current economic downturn, during COVID-19, when businesses are closing by hundreds, the majority of the coffee shops are announcing profits. Even Indian cafes in New Zealand, which usually serve tea and coffee both to their customers, in all the major New Zealand cities, are reported to be in profits.

Seeing the high turnover, many youngsters are investing a lot of money and time, in establishing Indian cafes in Auckland. Of course, all won't rake in profits by hundreds, but it is expected that none of the new startups will be in loss. But, one of the most deciding factors in the success of the coffee shop, is that of the location, of the coffee shop. So, let us list some of the finest techniques, to select the best location for your coffee shop.

Points to Select the Best Coffee Shop

1) Demographics

This is perhaps the most crucial factor, in deciding the location of your coffee shop. The business owner must choose the area of his new shop very carefully, where a lot of crowds and people come. The following areas have a large swath of people coming.

a) College Campuses-

For those individuals, who are looking to establish Indian cafes in Wellington, they must focus on trade schools, universities, community colleges, which have lots of students. Students often sit up late at night and work on the projects. So, a majority of them consume coffee, to drive away sleep.

b) Grade Schools-

Another very crucial location, which is often overlooked, is that of primary schools, middle, elementary and high schools, where parents and teachers, who often come on both school days and weekdays, to have their daily coffee. Usually, near Indian cafes in Christchurch, parents often drop their young kids by cars. They often have a cup of coffee, while going back to their homes.

c) Shopping Centres and Malls-

Malls and big shopping centres are fantastic areas for having coffee shops. It has led to booming sales for Indian cafes in Hamilton. It has been observed that all the people, who come for coffee and also do shopping for gifts, clothes, groceries, etc. The only hitch is that there should be not a lot of coffee shops already.

d) Business Centers-

It will be fantastic, that the coffee shop must be situated near offices and workplaces. Though the cost of renting such places, is high, there are huge sales, which quickly compensate, for the high rent. Many employees, drop in at lunch or evening hours and grab a cup of coffee.

2) Market Competition

The location of the coffee shop must not have many coffee shops surrounding it, to avoid market competition. This will lead to much lower sales and high rents. These are some of the tips, which will assist business owners, to stave off market competition.

a) Very Few Coffee Chain Shops in Surroundings-

Since, nearly all the big coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Coffee, and Tea Company, have their branches in Tauranga, it makes sense for new Indian cafes in Tauranga, to stay clear of them and go to a new area, where there are none of these stores.

b) No Drive-throughs Close by-

If the new business owner, decides to have a drive-in through, for customers, he must ensure that there are no close by no drive-in throughs. This will definitely, reduce competition, as all the busy drivers and customers, will come to that particular shop, instead of others. Drive-thru locations are very convenient for new customers.

c) There should be no Gas Stations Close by-

This is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to selecting the best location for the coffee shop. Nowadays, nearly all gas and petrol stations have coffee inside them. So, whenever drivers come to this gas station, they will also come and pick up their favourite coffee. So, all new coffee shop owners must never set up their coffee shops near gas stations. This will help them greatly avoiding competition and boost sales.

d) The Place should be close to bookstores/ libraries-

Once, the lockdown gets over, libraries and bookstores will again be frequented by hordes of people and students. People and students spend hordes of time reading books and also renting and returning them. So, they will frequently visit the shop and have coffee.

Final Words

Since Kiwi coffee is supposed to be one of the best on the planet and especially, tourists and international visitors, do make it a point to have it. Though the coffee is usually, imported from abroad, the Kiwi style of making is supposed to be one of the best in the world.

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