This is something I get asked frequently in conversations regarding the best use of essential oils. There are many different type of essential oil diffusers available, how do you know which is the best or at least which is the right one for you? This is the topic we will explore together in this post.

As you may already know, diffusers come in several shapes, sizes and types. When you break it down to the basics, there are really three categories of diffusers on the market today:

- Diffusers that use a heat source
- Diffusers that use water
- Diffusers that use air

Diffusers that use heat often have a candle or electric heating source which warms the essential oils causing them to evaporate into the air more rapidly.

Diffusers that use water, use a mix of water and air to create a visible mist which carries the essential oil aroma into the air.

Diffusers that use air, use very small glass tubing and pressurized air to create a mist from the essential oil itself. In this case, no heat or water is required, 100% pure essential oil is diffused into the air for optimal benefit.

While all three diffusion methods seem good, there is only one type I would recommend. Nebulizing diffusers require nothing but high quality essential oils. If you are buying therapeutic grade essential oils, meaning oils that are 100% pure and meeting or exceeding the highest quality standards, then I am sure you will want to make sure you are using the oils to their highest potential when you diffuse them.

Adding heat or water tends to denature essential oils and ends up lessening their therapeutic effect. So when in doubt, choose a nebulizing diffuser. The good people at have gone through a series of tests and have published what they feel to be the best essential oil diffuser take a look and see if you agree.

Author's Bio: 

Julien has been working with essential oils for over 10 years. As a professionally trained Holistic Massage Therapist and Nutritional Balancing practitioner, Julien uses essential oils both professionally and at home.