Throughout my years of divorce coaching and having gone through the process twice myself, I have created a list of the top 10 ways you can save upwards of $10,000 and possibly much more, in your divorce:

1) Part amicably. Leave pride and ego on the table and get crystal clear on what you ultimately want from the divorce before meeting with an attorney. This could be: more parenting time, every Memorial Day with the kids, staying in the family home, the flat in Italy or the family dog. Once you fact the reality that a divorce is imminent it is time to move forward and you must choose your battles wisely, or pay for them in the end.

2) Don’t use the “$199 Divorce” services and the like out there, especially if you have any substantial assets or children are involved. You get what you pay for, you lose much of what you “save” this way.

3) Begin to gather a list of all assets including property appraisals, 3 years tax returns, bank statements, 401-k/IRA statements, retirement accounts, investment account statements, life insurance policies with cash value, pension statements, etc., give careful thought to all that might exist and make a list. Also list out any assets such as jewelry, investment properties, firearms, art. etc.. Keep a folder of all documentation in one place.

4) Get good referrals of Family Law Attorneys and try and find some that do a free initial consult. I provide a list of great questions you should ask when selecting an attorney but you can google them online as well. Make a list of thoughtful questions before your scheduled appointment.

5) Read and understand your Engagement Agreement or Contract from your attorney and be certain you know how they will bill the time put into your case- meetings, calls, appearances, email, etc..

6) When emailing your attorney or sending any type of inquiry, be certain you have thought through all the questions you have and send in one message, email, etc.. so that many issues can be addressed at a time saving you billable time with reponses.

7) Respond to any requests, documentation or otherwise, in a timely manner and provide all information required. Piecemeal equals big dollars.The Colorado Rule of Civil Procedure 16.2 (e), requires that you produce specific financial information to the opposing party. Full compliance with this rule is essential and failure to provide all requested information accurately, timely and complete, can have devastating consequences to your case.

8) Begin to work on gathering your financials as soon as possible and try and submit all together. Set aside two full week days to gather this information as most financial institutions are closed on weekends.

9) Do not submit screenshots, photos of any financial documentation of your case. Most likely the quality will not be acceptable and you may not be able to use them in court.

10) Get a Divorce Coach to help you through the emotional process and burden of divorce and help you organize for the legal aspect as opposed to relying on your attorney to meet these important needs. Not only are most of them untrained to properly guide you through the emotional piece, that can get expensive and that is not why they went to law school.

Author's Bio: 

Dominique is a Certified Divorce Coach in Denver, CO and works nationwide to support people going through the divorce process saving them money and coaching them through the emotional piece. She is not an attorney and this article is in no way to be received as legal advice. For more information you can visit her website at