Growing up, we all have probably watched a movie wherein they all go camping and they gather around a campfire. After all those other campfire activities, at one point, the marshmallows come out. Every single one of us have probably wondered what it would be like getting to taste the warm gooey sweetness of the roasted marshmallows. Then, when we go to ask our parents for a camping trip, we get a “No.” or a “Maybe next time.”

Well, here is an easier alternative to an actual bonfire. Who knew that you can actually use your toaster oven to roast marshmallows?

You are going to need some marshmallows, cooking spray, aluminum foil, a plate and toothpicks and of course, you are going to need your toaster oven. If you don’t have a cooking spray though, some butter, oil or margarine will do just fine.

The first thing you are going to do is to cut out a piece of aluminum foil to match the size of the tray inside your toaster oven. Afterwards, spray a light coat of cooking spray onto the tray lined with aluminum foil. This is so that the marshmallows won’t stick onto the foil so, using some butter, oil or margarine will yield the same results.

The next thing you are going to do is to place the marshmallows into the tray. Be sure to leave appropriate spacing in between the marshmallows because, similar to when you bake cookies, these tend to expand while they cook. So, when you are placing the marshmallows in, leave approximately a one inch radius around each marshmallow.

After placing your marshmallows in, place the tray back into the toaster oven. Change the settings of your toaster oven into the broil setting. Let them cook until the marshmallows turn brown. Do not leave them because leaving them for too long could probably burn them.

Once the marshmallows have browned then, carefully take them out. Use the toothpicks to take the marshmallows out but be careful because these marshmallows are hot. Let them cool for a minute or two and then all you have to do it eat them.

So, that is basically it. There a couple of pressure points that might jeopardize the whole process. One is you need to make sure that you completely coat the foil lining with the cooking spray, butter, oil or margarine because if you miss even just one spot, it will be that much harder to take out.

Another thing that you have to watch when making these would be to make sure that they are adequately spaced out because if the space in between aren’t enough, instead of having a couple separate marshmallows, you’ll end up having on big marshmallow.

The last pressure point, and probably the most important one, is to watch the marshmallows while they’re cooking. As mentioned, if you leave them for too long inside the toaster oven, then that just might kill your roasted marshmallow dreams.

So, if you just keep watch and make sure everything goes smoothly, then you can look forward to a campfire-worthy roasted marshmallow snack!

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