In the process of giving birth to new life; it is important that the sperm should reach the reproductive tract and able to fertilize egg. Generally sperm motility is referred to the movement of sperm efficiently. Irregular or non-movement of sperm could bring up infertility issues.
There could be problems with sperm motility and often can be described as:-
Progressive motility:
In these cases, sperm usually swims in straight line or large circles.
Non-progressive motility:
These refer to a case where the sperm only moves in tight circles and do not travel in straight lines.

It hardly takes 25 micrometers second for a sperm to reach the cervical mucus and fertilize woman’s egg. If it all there is less than 32 percent of the sperm movement or issues with the moving then it could result as poor sperm motility.

How male infertility creates a drastic drop in the chances of conceiving?

More than 60% to 70% populations face the problems of infertility and numbers for the same are tremendously increasing. Deciding on the fertility is also done on the basis where couple tries to conceive naturally for 12 months but fail to attain the results. Male factor infertility could be major reason in many such cases of infertility.

Not just the sperm even the semen could be one of major factor of infertility. Even the semen could be one of the causes in creating a poor motility, some of the causes are as follows:
Sperm count is low
Poor motility of sperm
Shape of sperm being abnormal.

Here are some causes of low motility
If there is any kind of damage to testicles that make and store sperm then the quality of sperm might get affected.
Majorly testicle damage could be caused due to problems of infection, testicular cancer, surgery or any kind of injury.
Long term usage of any kind of drugs like cocaine or anabolic steroids could create drastic impact on sperm quality.


Considered to be one of the most useful tests is semen analysis. It is a full proof assessment of formation of sperm and its interactions with seminal fluid. At first place the sample of the same is collected through masturbation. It is required that the man should remain abstain from intercourse for a period of 2 or 7 days. This is basically done to increase the volume of semen.

It is very much important that this semen sample should not to be stored in the fridge so that the best quality can be checked without any kind of hindrance.

This step is done with the help of specially designed condom. It is important that only medical provided condoms should be used as the lubricated ones could affect the test quality. In the period of 2 to 4 weeks generally two samples are collected. If the results of motile sperm are lesser than 32 percent then this could be triggered as poor sperm motility. Problems of male infertility could be like a big blast to masculine mind, heart and body. Regaining fertility could sound an easy and supportive when you avail male infertility treatments.

How to increase sperm motility?

Regular exercising:
This step will just not increase your confidence but it is a great boost to your overall performance. Increase in the testosterone levels does take place by exercising regularly. Exercise in moderate level or as recommended by your fitness trainer to boost up your chances of fertility.

Fenugreek supplement:
Even if you are obese then this could be a major threat of not performance and ultimately resulting infertility. Consumption of fenugreek supplements could drastically cut down fat.

Stop consumption of Alcohol:
The addictive drugs or the alcohol can kill the desire of having sex and even affect the quality of sperm therefore doctors may advise you to stop consumption of the same when planning to have a baby.

Zinc supplements:
If you wish to increase your sperm count then zinc is a excellent solution.

Cutting down stress:
Drastic impact could be seen on body resulting in impair of fertility, stress could also give rise to other health problems. Stress could rapidly raise up the cortisol levels. According to the medical research, the testosterone levels goes down when the cortisol level is high.

Intake of enough amount of folate:
Doing this activity on regular basis will increase the chances of good sperm quality.

Intake of nuts:
Apart from the vitamins and minerals they do provide; the secret is that they are also in improving the fertility in men. Many doctors do advise you to have walnuts.

Getting good amount of sleep:
This step is wondrous in increasing the quality of semen and even various health benefits are associated with it.

Male infertility treatments are effective way out to lead the healthy family life and bring in spark to relationships back.
Approach to doctor and consider going for treatments like:-
This is one of the most proven and safe technique commonly described artificial insemination. The procedure involves the necessary steps of sperm being collected and washed. Through the help of fine plastic tube; in the womb of female partner fastest moving sperm is directly inserted.
This procedure is also a part of Assisted reproductive technology often known as In vitro fertilization. To commence the process, female partner is given fertility medications that boost the chances in producing eggs. In the later step these eggs are extracted from ovaries and fertilization process with sperm takes place in laboratory. Fertilized egg forms embryo(s) the same is transferred to womb to develop.
Sperm donation:
Age factors could be major reason to disturb the male fertility. Certain genetic disorders or other medical conditions too can be one of the reasons no sperm or serum production. In such case doctors may advise you to take the help of sperm donation in the IVF treatment procedure.

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