When you have type 2 diabetes, most probably, you inherited the disease from your ancestors or you lack a healthy lifestyle and must defeat diabetes naturally. Because of the many complications brought about by the disease such as blindness, stroke, heart and kidney problems, it is truly essential that one finds ways to defeat diabetes naturally and reverse type 2 diabetes.

First of all, be watchful of every morsel that you place inside your mouth to defeat diabetes naturally. A healthy lifestyle involves changing what you typically eat. If you are a carb fan, it is important to note that too much carb is equivalent to too much sugar, making diabetes worse with every calorie of carb that you eat. Decreasing your carb intake is a must since it will cause your sugar level to soar.

Pay close attention to what you eat. Avoid starchy foods, even vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and corn. Go for green leafy vegetables instead. Eat protein rich foods from poultry but avoid red meat as much as possible. Get healthy fats from oily fish, not from red meat if you want to defeat diabetes naturally. When you have to eat bread, choose one with lots of fiber. Also, reading nutrition labels can play a very important role in obtaining a healthier lifestyle and to defeat diabetes naturally. Eating healthy is crucial and so is eating the right proportions.

People who are obese or overweight should try to cut back 700-1000 calories from their daily intake. Weight loss comes along when trying to defeat diabetes naturally. Also, if you want to defeat diabetes naturally, you have to continue moving. It is the best favor you can do to your body. Aside from helping you with weight loss and building muscle, being physically active can also stimulate your body's sensitivity to insulin, making it better for your body to manage your sugar level and to beating diabetes.

Most diabetic patients do not exercise or have never exercised at all. When you belong to this category, it is important to start slowly. Have an objective to do 150 minutes of exercise per week but it may be a difficult task to do at once. You can start walking for 5 minutes every day and work your way up in order to truly defeat diabetes naturally. The key to getting the best out of your daily exercise is to have it simple but varied. You can have say, ten minutes of stretching and aerobics in the early morn, another ten minutes of walk by noon plus ten minutes of dumbbells at night. Whatever physical activity that you do, be sure to know your limits.

If you are obese or overweight, doing cardio exercises might be difficult for you. For such case, it is recommended that you start with strength training. Always consult your physician in order to know what the right physical activity level is for you.

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