How to remove a color cast from images in Photoshop

Most of the digital cameras have tried to use a fair portion of color cast neutrally and you get the chance to adjust the white balance. Still, there has a color cast in most of the images we captured. This problem may not be seen every time, but a small portion of color cast in your image makes a great photo less-attractive.

For several photos color cast help to make the image more eye-catching but it is more appealing to add it manually in the time of post processing from the camera white balance. In this article, I am going to show you the way to remove a color cast from images.
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Using the level adjustment layer to remove a color cast from the image

Photoshop featured with a multiple of useful tools. The level adjustment tool is one of them. The Photoshop users already know about the use of this tool. This tool is used for adjusting contrast. However, it is also used for removing a color cast from images. Let see the way how to fix up the color cast problem in Photoshop.

First, open the level adjustment layer.
Second, select the red channel.
Third, grab the left slider and move it to the right until you get the desired result.
Forth, this time grab the right slider and move it to left.
Then, choose both of the green channel and the blue channel and use both of the left and right sliders.
Now, notice on the image. The color cast will be removed. If you not satisfied with the result you have got, then use all of the three channels again.
Remember, you should use this technique several times to see where you make errors. When you can learn how to adjust the channel and learn to use it, you will be a master user of the level adjustment layers.


Removing color cast from images is not a difficult process as you thought. Rather it is very simple to remove a color cast from images. Follow the above guideline step by step and learn it.

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Andrew Philips is a professional graphics designer, and also a content writer. He provides tips on photo editing.