Those moles which are malignant cannot be removed at home. However, the other normal observable moles can be easily and safely removed using home remedies.

Are you aware about how to remove a mole at home?

Before applying any treatment, make sure it gets the approval of your dermatologist or doctor first. All the natural home remedies for mole removal will not work out for all people. Just because castor oil works for one person does not mean it would also be an effective treatment for another. It is necessary to consider your skin tone, the type of the mole, and its depth when you go about making the decision as to which treatment to take. The following are methods that you can choose from.

Did you know you can use cauliflower, fig stems, or pineapple juice to remove a mole?

The moles should be rubbed gently with juice extracted from the cauliflower. Applicability of this juice is not limited on facial moles alone because you can also use them on the regions of your back, neck and thighs. Slowly you will see the mole and its surrounding area start to peel. This will ensure the absence of scars on the face. After a few months, even you will have trouble telling which part of your face used to have a mole.

You may also use garlic paste. If you rub castor oil on the mole on a regular basis, you will soon observe that the mole is slowly being erased. Honey is also another option. Hot soapy water should be used on the face for washing and afterwards, you can put apple cider vinegar on it. Unless you want the skin on your face to burn, do not use concentrated vinegar. Let the apple cider vinegar remain on your face or on the moles for ten to fifteen minutes. When the time lapsed, rinse it off. If you take juice from fig stems and use it on the mole, you can see results quickly. Many have also lauded the effectiveness of tea tree oil and juice from dandelion roots. Just use a few drops of tea tree oil and apply them on a regular basis to get the best results.

If you look for published literature regarding these ingredients' efficacy in removing skin tags, moles and warts, you will probably draw a blank. But when you try to read the reviews written by various people, after trying out certain home remedies for mole removal, you will gain confidence that these measures work out well.

The mechanism being followed by all home remedies are similar or resemble each other in one way or another. The mole and the skin surrounding will eventually dry out and fall off from the rest of the body. Some red tissue and a scan will remain. It will most likely take 2 to 3 days, before the scab vanishes. Now that you know how you can perform this at home, you can remove moles with confidence.

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