How do you get rid of a mole through laser surgery? Many people now rely on laser therapy to solve most of the medical and skin issues. In the case of laser surgery, the dermatologist will initially identify the moles in the area. They will perform a biopsy test before the surgery. The tests will show if the moles are benign or cancerous; if it's the latter, they have to be destroyed. The skin around the moles will not at all be affected. It is the nevus tissue that will first be destroyed. The adjoining skin is not damaged. However, you cannot expect instant or immediate results. Complete healing of the wound would probably take at least a week. In some cases, it could even take up to 3 weeks, especially for the larger moles. It will take them longer to heal completely if they are bigger or they are very deeply rooted. The bigger moles actually pose higher risks of scarring when they are removed. So you should not expect it to fully heal in just a week. It would probably even take a month.

If you have a doubt on whether the doctors can prescribe over-the-counter drugs for removing moles, your queries will surely be answered positively. There are some acids and other components found in these drugs that can work very well in destroying these tissues with the moles in them. However, usage of these drugs won't give fast results either, because they would take a lot of time to take effect. Also, you will find that tissues surrounding the moles will suffer. That is why this is not the most popular method among many people.

You'd be wrong in thinking that if you choose a natural method or a surgical one, you would not have to deal with the problem about scars. Scarring is the result of all methods. The only difference lies in the level of scarring that will occur. The extent of the scar will depend on the type of removal method chosen or the intrinsic characteristics of the moles themselves.

Cryotherapy is another option for those who are afraid of trying surgery. As the name implies, this method makes use of cold temperature. Very low temperature would be required for this type of technique. You may also use the phrase 'liquid nitrogen treatment' to describe this technique. In other sites, freezing method is another term to describe this method because the skin and tissue will actually be frozen. In this protocol, the main element used is liquid nitrogen. It would involve some amount of pain when applied on the skin.

The pain, however, will be tolerable. Many believe that if this method is used, the possibility of scarring will be low. That is why people suck the pain and try to tolerate it during the process. However, a lot of care should be taken when you choose this technique. You should beware of applying the treatment to any one area of the body too often, overexposing it. Your problems could worsen if that happens. You may even lose your original skin tone and texture. The skin color could also be adversely affected. This surgery is meant to improve one's beauty. If the skin becomes ugly after the surgery, then there is no point to it at all.

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