Have a Hotmail email account? Ever opened an email after which your inbox started flooding with messages whose senders you were never known to (and you also might not intend to know the bugged spammers)? In another case, your friends or relatives may receive annoying emails from your email address that were never sent by you.

The email, which was not supposed to be opened in the first place, looked quite familiar to you or it had a mystery gift inside for you (we all like surprises, isn’t it? And there was a gift, how could you, I mean, anyone out of curiosity ignore it and would not open such thing unless he/she is known to malicious intentions of cyber criminals).

Yes, you heard it right, cyber criminals, who embed their malicious motives in tiny software programs/applications or advertisements/information circulated on the websites to trick, trap, and rob PC/internet users of their money. It is the fastest, easiest, and no-pain-only-gain way for cyber criminals to earn money; and people like us oblivious to their motives are befooled every day.

What is a Hotmail Email Virus?

A Hotmail email virus, also called as Hotmail Hacker, is a dangerous program intended to break into your email account and steal hotmail, MSN messenger passwords, and credit card or banking details among other critical information. Nowadays, all the banks have started sending e-statement (soft copy) of banking/credit card details in place of hard copy that is delivered at your doorstep every month; this is being done to cut down on paper consumption.

Well, that is a good thing on the part of environment as more trees will be saved to balance the climatic changes and lessen the effect of global warming (as the environmentalists across the world say). The move has certainly accelerated the use of computer and internet services and at the same time has upped the amount and intensity of online virus attacks. Hotmail email virus is one among these malicious web-based attacks that target people through emails, or email attachments.

Stay Safe, Stay Protected!

This entirely does not mean that you should stop using internet and switch back to the old method of communication. We hereby only mean that you should safeguard your PC/data from unwanted malicious attacks by using enhanced security means and not opening any emails that are sent by unknown senders. You will be protected if you take an initiative to be protected.

Below is the easy tips guide that will help you clean your Hotmail email account if it already infected with a Hotmail email virus:

• Close all the windows on your desktop, press ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’, and ‘Delete’ keys together on the keyboard to access ‘Task Manager’
• You can also right click anywhere on the task bar to access ‘Task Manager’ utility
• When the ‘Task Manager ’ window opens up, click on the ‘Processes’ tab at the top right corner of the window, you will see a list of the processes currently running on your computer
• Click on the box ‘Show processes from all users’ at the bottom left hand corner to access all the processes (the box by default will be unchecked)
• Right click on the ‘hotmailhack.exe’ and click on ‘End Process’ from the list of options
• Close the ‘Task Manager’ window
• Click on the ‘Start’ menu, click on the ‘Search’ Window, and type in ‘hotmailhack.exe’ (type this name without inverted commas) in the search box, hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard
• When the search results come up, right click on ‘hotmailhack.exe’ and select ‘Delete’ to remove it
• Finally, reboot your PC to see if the changes have taken place

The abovementioned instructions should help you successfully get rid of the Hotmail virus without any difficulty. For additional security, keep your anti-virus or anti-spyware software updated and regularly run a scan. Also, do not open any emails from unknown senders and delete them at once. Even if the email appears to be from a trusted sender, always confirm (before opening) with the sender if he/she has sent the particular mail.

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