Construction jobs are not easy to manage considering they accompany many issues that can become difficult to manage and can get controversial at times. Whether you are constructing a business place, house or only remodelling, everyone needs to be prepared beforehand towards these issues.

Working with workers who lack skills

With so many migrants available and looking for petty jobs, many constructing companies have to work with unskilled labourers as there are not much of skilled workers especially in the field of construction.

The unskilled worker's industry is a national issue which can be easily found in the Middle East, India and Europe, living like a nomad. There are many things you can do if you have such workers working under you.

Always consult a good lawyer, before starting the project, like, if you are working in Dubai, you can consult a good construction lawyer in Dubai to know about regulations or commercial lawyers in Dubai to ensure that everything you are doing is within legal boundaries especially when it comes to dealing with migrant workers.

Train and teach

Before hiring them and while they work, train and teach them about work, their legal rights and most importantly their safety and perks of working. Show them the encouragement and motivation to improve their working. Allot a reward system if someone shows excellent work skills.

Use a staff agency

Consult staffing agencies who can help you in hiring the workforce, this can be very helpful because it not only saves you time, but also provides you with verified and qualified applicants.

Problem in communication

The major problem that is faced while in a construction project is the lack of communication; this is where technology can help you a lot. In today’s world where everyone uses a phone, you can update work-related instructions every day through emails. This can build an easy communication channel between workers and owners.


This is another problem which is found to be tricky and difficult to manage by contractors. You can use project scheduling applications or project management apps that can easily be accessed on your phone as well by anyone on the project.
You can post a timeline of tasks at hand in terms of date and time of completion. This will allow the works to plan and deliver work accordingly.

High-cost insurances

Insurance is another part of the construction project which mostly comes at a higher cost, you can easily procure them at low cost, by avoiding lapsing on your coverage and reviewing your policies on time to save money.

Subcontractors who are unreliable for the job

A contractor cannot be always available on the field, so they have to find a substitute, who can look after the work on their behalf and manage the staff as well. Finding a reliable and well qualified contractor can get quite tricky. You can contact a vendor or material suppliers who have maintained good relations with previously worked subcontractors.

Availability of the cash

Construction projects require a lot of money, from paying for workers, materials and pieces of equipment needed on the field, arranging that kind of money can get quite hectic, while you get paid when the project is complete, money becomes a key issue.
Start with planning out the whole project in advance including with projecting the amount of money it will take to complete the whole project. This makes it much easier to plan where your funds are coming from and the way you recover them at the end of the project.

The uncertain homeowners

As the project develops many homeowners try to make a few changes to the previously discussed deal. To avoid such situations, keep everything signed and on paper, in order to maintain transparency and fluid functioning.

Managing documents

Many documents need to be arranged, like taking permissions, certificates, insurances, handling and storing them can be very tough. So it’s better to maintain all your records online rather on paper, but be sure that you have a good backup for all the data stored.

The constant change in regulations

The official laws are under constant change, regulating the laws of conducting a construction project which can become difficult following every change especially when the project is ongoing. You can solve these issues by staying updated on all such revisions, one way to do so is to sign up for constant updates on your email. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

Things to keep in mind

Today construction industry needs to encourage students at school and college level to build an army of skilled workers.

Also, you should be legally and financially well prepared before you take up a new project, every country follows different rules & regulations. Make sure you are well aware of them before you get into planning or execution.

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Rajat Sahoo, is associated with Hussain Lootah & Associates have years of experience of the domain. I love to read and write about latest and useful tips for legal issues, travel, Fashion and lifestyle.