Amazon accounts are getting locked very commonly. Getting Locked Amazon Account and the method of unlocking become the ordinary activities today. But sellers could never imagine about it while registering. Many sellers think that nothing can take place to the authentic sellers having good products to offer. Ignoring the selling policies consequences into getting the accounts closed or locked.

The reasons or causes for getting locked could be due to selling prohibited and fake items, not following Amazon’s rules, opening several seller accounts, unmatched product details, shipping issues, excess order cancellation, negative feedback, creating fake positive reviews or trying to sell your account.

When Amazon locks your selling privileges, they send an email stating the cause of suspension along with the plan to unlock it as well. You can unlock your account with step by step instructions as mentioned below:

1.Suspension letter analysis

Receiving an email containing a suspension letter can make anyone impatient. Rather than jumping into any conclusion and ending up with making an error, do an examination of the letter. Know the matter, and get the cause for the similar. In most of the circumstances, sellers used to take actions in rush and make the circumstances more difficult.

How to recover locked Amazon account

2. Plan of action

While appealing to Amazon to unlock your account, you must have a strong plan of action, with you, stating what you have done to correct your mistakes. The plan of action is nothing but the changes and the developments included in your business to make it in line with Amazon. Your plan of action should reflect your expansion to attract Amazon to unlock your account.

You must follow the structure of the Plan of Action. First of all, assess what went wrong and then mention the steps you have taken to correct it. Subsequently, clarify how these developments will avoid the issues from happening again in the future.You must comprise all the issues connected to Amazon in your plan of action. Both the developments and precautionary measures must be included in the planning. Do not write anything out of the box, for instance praising Amazon or blaming anyone. You must focus on the issues only.

3. Appeal letter

An appeal letter is a consistent and clear appeal to unlock your account. Take the help of templates and samples of appeal letters accessible online. Follow the structure and pattern of the appeal letter and write an exclusive appeal to Amazon as per the causes mentioned in your suspension note. The cause for locking your selling privilege is unique and so must be your appeal.

Attach your appeal letter and plan of action along with the suspension letter. All other supporting documents such as your purchase invoice, certificates etc. should be attached to your appeal letter to prove your legitimacy.

As you are done with all the process, wait for minimum one week. Generally, within one week, you will get a response. In case you do not get any response, you can write to the seller performance team to follow up on your situation. They will help you to solve your issues.

It is better that you examine and know all the policies for the sellers to keep away from getting locked. Constant monitoring and controlling the consequences not only keep you away from getting locked but also enhance your performance.

Do not take any decision in speed. It will rather ruin your appeal and make needless delay in unlocking process. Right practice is very significant in this case. Here are some guidelines that you must keep away from after getting your account closed.No need to terror because of getting your account locked. It will make the circumstances dangerous. Be optimistic and begin preparing for unlocking your account.

Don’t submit your first appeal in a rush. Take sufficient time to prepare a good plan of action to resolve the issue.

Don’t open the next account. It will rather hinder the unlocking process. As Amazon can without difficulty link the locked one with the second and will lock your new account also.

Don’t change the invoices or any other documents. Make whatsoever you have with you.

Don’t approach to anybody officially against Amazon.

Don’t be in touch with Seller Support for unlocking. Only Seller Performance team will assist you in unlocking process.

Don’t begin sending emails just after submitting the first appeal. Wait for the answer. There are numerous locked accounts with Amazon and so the numbers of unlocking appeals are also very high. That is why it may take sufficient time to get an answer from the seller performance team. Sending multiple proposals will delay the process.

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