Doing charitable work for the public something that everyone wants to do. But it’s not as easy as it seems to be. These particular organizations are known as nonprofit organization. These are tax-exempt organization that are charitable, religious or literary and use all revenue in service to the public. Ongoing trend to receive donations are online, but how can one receive donations online. Many of the donation software are available that makes this job easier. There can be many ways to accept donation online. Two of them are here:
Merchant Account- When you sign up for the merchant account, this will allow to accept credit card and payments as it is a bank account. Nonprofit organization can tie up with the Credit Card Company or bank. Be sure about the credit card brand you want such as visa, MasterCard etc. you must understand the merchant account fee. Merchant account charge two types of transaction fees. First is per item flat rate that is you are charged for each credit card transaction. Another can be setup fees, address verification, monthly and annual maintenance fees.
Many of the institutions provide you with software and acceptance options while other asks you to buy the software from the other provider. Many of the software are available. Donorbox is one of the best software for online donation. It has plug and play, WordPress donation plugin as well. So you must evaluate merchant account provider. Chose the provider whom you trust. Once you have chosen the provider now application process starts before allowing you to accept credit card payments. Advantage of this way is name of your organization will appear on all financial transactions, so, donors can see your name easily on credit card statements. Now you are ready to accept the payments. Login and enter donor’s payment information and click the collect payment option.
Own Website- Before setting up your own website you must be aware of importance of a good website. According to a research it is found that bad website leads to fewer donations. The donor wants to know all about the website and the mission and how the fund will be used. Write a mission statement and make it to display on your homepage of the website. Show all the details that how you are going to use the fund, as donor want to reassurance that their money is going to the right place and to whom they want to support. Before donating donor wants all their questions to be answered so, make sure all your content is clearly written. Make your website look like parent site.
Many more ways are there to receive the donation online like registering with the state. You will have to register your organization with the state if you solicit the donation from a resident of the state. If you are unable to register than your activities are ceased. For this, you have to fill out an initial registration application. Another way can be choosing a third party processor. This can be when you don’t want a merchant account. You have to pay a processing fee to the thirds party processor.

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