Basic inflammation is a natural process of the human body where white blood cells and various naturally occurring chemicals work together to protect the body from infections and foreign bodies, such as viruses and bacteria that can create acute illness and disease if not confronted through the immune system. It is the most basic way the body reacts to infections, injury, irritations and bacterial invaders. Inflammation develops in order to suggest to the body an irritation or problem is existent and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Microorganisms that create infection become engulfed by phagocytic cells in an attempt to contain the infection in a small-tissue space, and avoid the spreading of a harmful bacteria or infection. Basic inflammation can create superficial and obvious symptoms that can be characterized by:
Swollen localized pain that is warm to touch
Loss of joint function
Joint pain
Joint stiffness

Other inflammation indicators the body may suggest could be flu-like symptoms such as chills, fatigue and general weakness, headaches, muscle stiffness and a loss of appetite. When chemicals within the body combine with the white bloods cells to attack a point of issue, redness and warmth may develop through the increase of blood flow as well as potential leakage of fluid into the tissue that may increases swelling. Nerves may be stimulated through the swelling and inflammation to cause discomfort and pain.
Hidden inflammation is similar in the fact that it aims at protecting the body through localizing and separating bacteria or infection, but is often much more elusive as far as symptomatic appearances and obvious symptoms. Hidden inflammation can affect the organs, tissues and every function of the body, due to an overactive immune response. Various attributes can create this response within the body, from allergies from food items that are eaten regularly, such as glutton, yeast or dairy. Stress and poor diet create hidden inflammation within the body, as well as lack of activity and movement. Hidden inflammation is often difficult to diagnose, but a chronic, consistent inflammatory response can slowly destroy the organs and natural functions of the body, as well as lead to rapid, premature aging.

What are the causes of Hidden Inflammation?

Hidden inflammation is a result of a number of factors that are left unchecked in our daily lives of modern society. From allergic reactions with foods such as glutton, yeast, dairy or nuts, to high levels of chronic stress, hidden inflammation is created subtly and without obvious symptoms. Other catalysts that motivate hidden inflammation are high levels of simple sugar consumption, large doses of antibiotics and chemicals that are found in meats, dairy and produce that is not farmed organically, drug abuse, lack of activity and proper muscular stimulation as well as inadequate nutrient intake from the diet.

These different factors working singularly or together can create a constant immune reaction, or immune response as the body tries to deal with the stresses placed on its systems everyday. This is what hidden inflammation is, the subtle, chronic inflammation that is spurred on by imbalances and stress to the body deep within the cellular structure of the human organism.

What are the symptoms of hidden Inflammation?

Symptoms may be difficult to discern when considering hidden inflammation, but some signals your body will emit with this chronic reaction to environmental stresses may be low energy, headaches, heartburn, nausea, achy joints, weight gain, slow mental processing of basic material or unusual menstruation cycles. Pay attention to your body and how you feel from day to day. Take note of any irregularities or minor symptoms that may be developing a future for disease.

What disease's and ailments are caused by Hidden Inflammation?

Hidden inflammation can create a host of diseases and ailments that develop into a wide range of symptoms and hinder natural functions of everyday life. When bad habits are indulged in over even just a few months of time, from high levels of stress to bad dieting decisions, disease can begin to develop as a result of chronic, hidden inflammation in a particular region of the body. Diseases such as asthma, acne, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, dementia, depression, cancer, and even autism can manifest through hidden inflammation at the cellular level.

Science has only begun to offer insight into the various diseases that are created through the existence of hidden inflammation that is chronically apparent in many different individuals’ bodies. Studies are suggesting the almost every modern disease is caused or affected by the existence of hidden inflammation.

Even as recently as 100 years ago, highly processed, commercial foods were not widely available to people, and pumping toxic chemicals and additives, trans-fats and hormones into the human body on a regular basis, as is common today among adults and children alike. In addition to negative diet trends, the daily physical activity of people back 75 to 100 years ago, far surpasses the average weekly activity level of today. These trends in lifestyle present many issues, relating to health and the development of hidden inflammation starting in young adults and children, on into adults and seniors. Hidden inflammation is considered a stimulus for “modern” disease due to the prevalence of factors available presently, that prompt the development of hidden inflammation.

What is a C-Reactive Protein blood test and how does it determine hidden inflammation?

The C Reactive Proteins are indicators within the blood, of inflammation within the blood and cells of the body. C-reactive protein is produced by the liver, and the level of CRP rises when there is inflammation present throughout the body. Although C-reactive proteins blood tests do not signify specific areas suffering with hidden inflammation, but suggest that actions must be taken in order to alleviate the current issues facing the body. C-Reactive Protein blood testing has become a very popular subject in the medical community, as inflammation is a powerful stimulus for disease creation. Recent studies have revealed the facts that this inflammation is a very accurate predictor of future heart problems and other diseases prevalent in today’s generation.

An optimal level of C reactive protein in the blood would be under 2 milligrams per liter of blood. The normal levels tested are generally 4.9 milligrams per liter of blood, in a healthy individual.

Other blood tests can be done in conjunction with the C-Reactive Protein blood test to offer a full spectrum overview of blood health and overall inflammation levels.

What diet and lifestyle changes help Hidden Inflammation?

Hidden inflammation is only helped, lowered and eliminated through diet modifications and lifestyle adjustments. A variety of approached can be taken in dealing with the reality of hidden inflammation within the body.

The diet is essential to deal with first and foremost to counteract hidden inflammation. Eliminating commercially processed foods that are high in simple sugars, bleached fours, additives, chemicals and trans-fats, must be done. Slowly begin to alter your menus and recipes by reducing sugars, and using healthier ingredient in substitution for inflammatory ingredients. For example, substitute wheat and oat flour for bleached white flour. Whole grain flours are full of fiber and other nutritionally beneficial vitamins and minerals, as opposed to bleached flour that is stripped of nutrients and highly reactive to the blood, glucose levels of the body, which stimulates hidden inflammation. Other substitutions can include Stevia sweetener in place of sugar, or other chemically altered sugar substitutes. Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni is an herb in the compositae family that grows as a small shrub in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. The glycosides in its leaves make it incredibly sweet, but without the calories. Stevia has been used to safely sweeten beverages and medicines for over 400 years.

Incorporating ample amounts of anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and deep water fish, will offer substantial support to the body’s efforts at eliminating hidden inflammation. Spices and herbs are also very rich in anti-oxidants, and support the body in reducing hidden inflammation. These colorful foods supply phyto-nutrients, or simply, nutrients from plants, in a perfect ratio of bio-available, anti-inflammatory compounds that are easy to absorb and utilize by the body. These foods are also very low in calories, high in water content to provide hydration support, and rich in fiber to support the proper elimination of toxins and waste from the body in a timely manner. Five to six servings each day, of a wide variety of all these foods, will create an optimal environment within the body for the manifestation of optimal health and inflammation reduction.

Lifestyle habits from sleep to exercise, work and play, will all work together to motivate or hinder your efforts at health and wellness. Consistent stress from family obligations to career ambitions can stimulate obtuse inflammation through the body. Although many people assume they are managing stress well, the majority of people live under extreme pressures everyday, every month and every year. In this present generation of 24/7 connectivity, through the technological advances such as Internet and cellular phones, disconnecting from the fast pace of life may seem impossible. In order to heal your body and reduce hidden inflammation, reducing stress is essential and pivotal to the other aspects of inflammation reduction. Working to manage stress, by creating boundaries with your work, or planning time off to play and meditate, will start the healing process within the body. Creating spaces of peace and quiet to indulge in on a daily basis, even for just 10 to 15 minutes, can stimulate reduction of the high stress inflammatory response.

Fitness and both aerobic and anaerobic exercise are also vital aspects in reducing the hidden inflammation within the body. Daily activity for durations of 25 to 45 minutes is ideal with intensity levels ranging from moderate to high levels. With its plethora of benefits, exercise increases circulation, burns fat, sculpts the body, support cardiovascular health, moves nutrients throughout the body and clears the mind. As if all these benefits were not enough, exercise works at the cellular level even affecting your DNA. The American College of Sports Medicine and other medical institutions agree that exercising can prolong life by protecting against diseases. The DNA matrix has telomeres, or caps on each end that act as buffers at the end of chromosomes and protect the DNA form damage. Young cells have long telomeres, but these can begin to degrade and fray as the body ages. If these telomers in a cell get to short, the cell will die, spurring on aging and disease. Exercise has shown effects in older people through elongating the telomers of cells, thus stimulating the anti-aging effects and anti-inflammatory properties of exercise.

Yoga and Pilates are fitness activities that are not as aggressive on the joints as running or other higher intensity activities. These fitness activities provide resistance-training, balance and core development as well as meditation practice, and can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Reducing obesity and fat accumulation around the abdomen, is of primary importance when considering hidden inflammation and its effects of health. High intensity interval training has long been a training technique used by athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike. This method of aerobic activity brings the heart rate up to a fat burning zone of 60% to 70% of the resting heart rate.

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